Need some sales like you’ve never needed sales before? (Gonna find sales for you, baby.) Ugh, that was Truly dreadful, but it was also a great way to introduce our Valentine’s Day deals, in which two are becoming one! Read on to find out what we’re offering this year…

Valentine’s Day Deals – What We’re Offering

Valentine’s Day is all about love, and we love our clients! So, we figured that it’s only right for us to treat you to a little present!

This year, our Valentine’s Day deals will get you two-for-one e-shots! Whether you’re a new client or we’ve been in a (professional) relationship for years, we can offer you this fantastic deal!

Not used e-shots before? Then let us tell you a little bit more about them.

What Are E-shots And Why Use Them?

An e-shot is a form of email marketing – they’re a tried and tested way to get the attention of your target audience. They’re best utilised for announcements, so if you’ve got a new product coming out, a sale on or some company news to share, then an e-shot is gonna work for you. You just need to tell us what you want to share and we’ll get it written and designed for you.

When we send out your e-shots we will work with you to decide who will receive them, which allows us to tailor them to specific groups. It’s important to do this as if you email someone with something they have zero interest in then they’re just going to delete it straight away and maybe even unsubscribe from your mailing list.

Another good thing about e-shots is that you can monitor their success in terms of open rates, click through rates (CTRs), conversion rates and bounce rates. With this info, e-shots can be tailored to be even more effective!

Overall, e-shots are a great way to get yourself some new customers or to make further sales to existing ones, and, with our Valentine’s Day deals, you can get two for the price of one!

Email Marketing With Truly

E-shots aren’t the only form of email marketing that we offer, you can learn more on our website. Another very popular option is to send out newsletters, but we’ll have a talk to you about them another day – or you can contact us whenever you fancy.

After you’ve sent out an e-shot, if the thing you’re advertising is temporary, like a sale for instance, you might want to get yourself a landing page set up. A landing page gives consumers a place to ‘land’ on your website that gives them all the info they need in one place. It’s important to make the buying process as easy as possible for your clients – if your website’s tricky to use then people get bored and irritated and end up navigating off to a competitor’s website. If you need a landing page set up, or any work done on your website, we can cover that too. Find out more here.

Contact Us For Our Valentine’s Day Deals!

If you wanna take advantage of our Valentine’s Day offers, or you want any digital marketing help/advice at all, then give us a call on 01926 814547.

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