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We have our specialities at Truly - aesthetics, for example. However, we’ve also found our niche in hospitality, having spent years working with clients from all over the Midlands. They range from village pubs to private chefs, hotels to wedding venues.


Each of our unique hospitality clients receives a bespoke service, depending on their needs. They can choose from a long list of marketing services, with the most common choices being:

Our Latest Websites

Take a look at our website designs.

Here we have The Warwick Arms Hotel and Food Champs, a catering and private chef service. In some ways, these clients were worlds apart, from a historic hotel in the heart of Warwick to award-winning private chefs. However, they all came to us with similar intentions.

First of all, they wanted improvements on their previous websites. We optimised them fully for Google and SEO, working on bespoke coding, content and accessibility.

They wanted more bookings. This included service enquiries, hotel rooms, events, dining and weddings. Our job was to create high-converting sites that looked beautiful while representing the brands.

Website Design & Development

Graphic Design Assets









Meta ads can be a treasure trove of leads, link clicks and bookings, generating an excellent ROAS – Return On Ad Spend. You can see for yourself with the paid ad performance of two of our hospitality clients, which are both pubs offering rooms.

Client One

We’ve run multiple ads for this client, focusing on special offers, Sunday lunch, a wedding fayre and more, with many excellent results.


Row 1 – £48 dinner offer 

Rows 2 and 3 – Wedding fayre

Row 4 – Bottomless brunch

Row 5 – 2-for-1 cocktails

Row 6 – Bottomless prosecco

Row 7 – Sunday lunch

Rows 2 and 3 show the results for this client’s wedding fayre, which yielded an impressive return. We spent £60 across both ads, generating 216 links to their landing page. That’s 216 potential customers interacting with their brand, costing 36p per click. Of those customers, 43 booked to attend the fayre, at just £1.90 per lead. When you consider how much each guest might spend, that’s a very low cost.

Meta ads don’t have to focus on big events – they can also address your current needs. For example, our client recognised their bottomless brunch times were quieter than they would like, so we created a short-blast advertising campaign, the results shown in row 4. Our £71 ad spend collected 9 last-minute bookings, increasing footfall on an otherwise sleepy Saturday.

Our other ads also yielded good results, but our Sunday roast campaign is a particular highlight, showcasing the reward of a long-running ad. This ran for four months, with a budget of around £100 per month. During that time the ad attracted 160 Sunday lunch bookings, costing £2.74 per lead. When you consider that even a two-person table would spend an average of £60, that’s an excellent return on investment.

In addition, we garnered 1,829 link clicks, boosting brand awareness.

Client Two

Meta ads can also radically increase your reach, bringing you a brand new set of customers.


Rows 1 and 3 – Sunday lunch

Row 2 – 25% off

Row 4-7 – Christmas

Row 8 – Summer room bookings

For instance, our Sunday lunch ad reached 23,131 people over four months, leading to 54 bookings. On average, each booking cost £4.63 and generated an impressive £250 of income.

Their seasonal ads were also very effective at boosting brand awareness. Christmas is a crucial time for hospitality, so we ran themed brand awareness campaigns throughout November and December. We reached 13,397 accounts, leading to 35 bookings. On average, the client spent £4.95 per booking and gained £173.54 in return.

We also ran seasonal summer ads, targeting room bookings. These cost a little more, as room bookings are a higher-value service, but the client still reached 18,004 people and obtained 15 bookings, at £18.94 per lead.

Finally, we ran a shorter campaign during October 2023, responding to the cost of living crisis with an ad offering 25% off your food bill. We attracted 27 bookings at £3 each, and when you think about the average bill for a table of 2-4 people, this is an impressive return on investment.


PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, is another effective way to drive traffic to your website. Google puts your website at the top of the page for targeted keyword searches, and it’s a great way to see a quick ROI whilst you build your organic rankings up over time.

This Warwickshire hotel was focused on getting direct room bookings, so they could avoid paying commission to third parties like (Why line the pockets of the big guys?!)

Over 2023 our campaign got them 273 conversions, all direct room bookings made through their website. It cost them just £20.67 per booking and was achieved by having a £600 per month budget. With a one-night stay at this hotel costing upwards of £100, you can see a CPA of £20.67 achieved a great ROI. Not to mention the savings from the third-party booking site commissions.
Their ads were shown on Google to 87,200 people, and they had 12,500 clicks through to their website – excellent for brand awareness.



This Warwickshire hotel also decided to add SEO to its services, in order to increase their organic traffic over a 12-month period. As you can see, they were successful!

The graph shows a consistent increase in organic users and website sessions coming through from Google searches, culminating in 3,257 by December 2023.




Email Newsletters

The Blue Boar Inn
& The Ragged Cot

We created these E-shots with bespoke designs using HTML coding, adhering to our clients’ distinctive brands. We also use enticing copy and clear CTAs to take the reader wherever the client wants them to go, such as their website, event, blog, or special offer.


Whatever your ambitions for your hospitality business, we have marketing services to help. It might be increasing organic traffic or launching a sleeker website – we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

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