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Email Marketing

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Email Marketing

Getting your email marketing content right

Within your e-newsletters and e-shots, the copy and video content you use is crucial. It has to be eye-catching and entertaining, whilst also being genuinely informative. You must get your message across very quickly and what you have to say needs to be relevant, or people will just stop reading. People need to understand why you are contacting them and they won’t give you much of their precious time to get that idea across. That’s why you need our expertise, technical know-how and top-quality visual and written content to ensure that this opportunity is never wasted.

Make E-Newsletters work for you

The benefit of using email is obvious. It’s instant and it’s cheap. However, there are many potential pitfalls if you don’t have a clear message for your target market:

  • Are they going to be interested?
  • How will what you have to share with them be beneficial to them?
  • Do they even want to know about what you’re sharing?

Get this wrong, and you risk your message being ignored, deleted or marked as ‘junk’, just like the traditional mailshot. You also risk potential clients dismissing any further contact that you might attempt with them, because they’ll treat you in the same way as they might a nuisance telephone call.

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Get rewarded for doing it well

But, get email marketing right and it works for your business like magic. You can send content to existing customers, and to your wider target audience, using data farmed from previous emails, subscriptions or engagement with your product or service. You can send relevant content to potential consumers, providing you have obtained their information lawfully, and you can perfect the timing of this content to coincide with a new launch or a promotional offer to ensure that this has the best chance of grabbing the attention.

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Managing your email database

Another benefit of email marketing is that it’s possible to track engagement by seeing how consumers react and respond to your messages. This means that adjustments to your marketing strategy can be made very efficiently to improve conversion rates. You can also use email marketing to maintain your existing customer base (an already-interested audience) by updating them about new developments in your field and providing them with information that they will want to know.

You can also reward existing customers with exclusive offers and promotions unavailable to the wider public. This often provides a ‘hook’ to encourage consumers to explore your business further. We all know that once you have successfully grabbed and held attention, sales are likely to follow.

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