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Once you’ve got your new, easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing website sorted - possibly courtesy of our fantastic digital team - you need to fill it up with quality copy that will attract new business and keep your current clients on board. This can be a tricky task as it takes lots of time and skill. Fortunately, we are experts at all things digital marketing, including website copy.

Why Do You Need Good Website Copy?

Getting consumers to visit your website is key to making those all-important sales. After all the marketing work you do (or we do for you) to get them there, it’s important that they don’t navigate away due to poor copy! Back in 2020, 87% of the UK population stated that they had made purchases online and this statistic still appears to be increasing!

Research shows that up to 97% of consumers state that grammatical errors impact their impression of businesses and individuals. Poor copy can suggest several things:

  • Your brand is not legitimate and your website may be unsafe to order from
  • You/your employees are unprofessional
  • Little care has been paid to how you present your business

As well as this, most consumers skim websites, therefore, you need to ensure that your website copy is written to make the most salient information stand out. Addressing the reader directly will establish a connection between them and you, which reflects your brand. Your audience is actively seeking a solution, so make sure that you offer them one clearly and don’t make them search! Finally, a strong call to action (CTA) is a proven way to close more sales.

It’s All About SEO

Many businesses feel as though they have staff capable of writing concise and interesting copy that will keep their target audience interested. We accept that this may be the case, even though it takes up a lot of their time. However, they may not be familiar with writing pages that have search engine optimisation (SEO).

SEO is how you get seen online. Nearly 70% of online experiences start with a search engine and the top three links receive 52.75% of clicks whilst only 9.47% of consumers proceed to the second page of Google! So, you really need to get yourself onto the first page… something that we can guarantee!

To do so, our copywriters are trained to write to SEO guidelines, meaning that search engines will recognise the text that we produce as what searchers are looking for and make sure it’s right in front of them! Keywording, word count, titles, subtitles, phrase positioning – these are some of the things that go into how we optimise your website. We’re full of tricks!

Where To Get Good Website Copy

From us, of course! Our writers combine their extensive vocabulary, full SEO training and a love of written language to create engaging and exciting copy that will get you noticed. This will be sure to result in more business! What more could you want?!

Of course, it’s not only website copy that we produce, we can complete anything and everything that you need! All you need to do is let us know what you’re looking for.

Call us on 01926 814547 or contact us online and we’ll get straight to work!

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