Recently, we have been working with up-and-coming drum school, Top of The Rock Tuition. Over the past year they have grown rapidly, having successfully taken on over 80 weekly clients with the desire to learn drums, and shifted from a ‘one-man band’ to a team of four.

Read on to find out more about them, their vision and how we have helped them achieve an even higher level of success.


Who Are Top Of The Rock Tuition 


Top of The Rock Tuition is a Warwick-based tuition business working throughout Warwickshire where you can learn drums. Their belief in the importance, and possible positive impact, of musical education drives their ambition to teach this skill to students of all ages. 

Whether the end goal of their students’ learning is achieving grades, kickstarting a musical career or just to have some fun, Top Of The Rock’s tailor-made lessons can help their students to hit their targets. 

Company founder, Kris Farrell, is a career musician who has toured extensively with both his original material and session work. As the name of the business suggests, his love of music is rooted in rock, however, he prides himself on his versatility, and he enjoys both playing and teaching all styles of music.


Drumming Up Some Support 


Here at Truly Content we are proud of all of the work that we do, and how we help our clients to build their businesses, but we are particularly proud to have worked with Top of The Rock Tuition because of all of the benefits that their services bring to their clients.

After all, playing the drums has been found to have numerous health benefits, both mental and physical. 

Mentally, drumming can reduce stress, boost brain power, improve self-esteem and increase academic performance, all whilst providing the added boost that comes with meeting new people. Physically, it can help to develop motor skills, accelerate the healing process and boost the immune system, whilst simultaneously helping you to stay fit.

We have worked with Top Of The Rock to create a stunning new website to attract and inform future clients. Further to this, their founder, Kris, completed our full 12-module SEO course. This has given him the skills to increase his company’s website traffic by boosting its visibility in search engine results.

Knowing that our services will help lead individuals to find a new hobby, learn a new skill and improve their mental and physical health has us smiling from ear to ear.


Contact Us


Poor online visibility and/or mismanaged social media can lead to businesses losing future (and current) clients.

If your business could use a boost, Truly Content can handle all of your online needs. 

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