Is your blog struggling to hold the reader’s attention? You’re not alone. But before you break out the visuals and change your style completely, here’s something else you should try: making them easier to read.

Sounds simple, right?

Not always. The fact is that writers often forget that they may need to “dumb down” their ideas to make them more digestible and easier to retain. And it’s this accessibility that can ensure that every blog plays its proper role in a content strategy.

To help you sharpen up your approach to blog writing, here are five things you should be doing to make them more readable.


How To Make A Blog


Use Everyday Language


You may have an extensive vocabulary, but you need to remember that not everybody does. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to use language that can be recognised by everyone. Not to do so can alienate a reader and force them to lose interest, destroying your chances of bringing them on board as a potential customer.


Easy-To-Follow Formatting


Dividing things into paragraphs is a standard practice of writing, but blogs can allow us the freedom to separate topics more visually. Use bullet points, numbers and headings to break things down, making your piece less overwhelming and much easier to follow.


Employ Short Sentences


Seldom are blogs used for showing off sentence length. Writing in short, snappy sentences will therefore keep the reader engaged and reduce problems with comprehension. These are particularly important when dealing with difficult topics or introducing heavier concepts.


Do Your Research


The best blogs are based on facts, so you should also spend time looking into how you can back up your arguments with evidence. This will make the points you raise seem more realistic and add some authority to what you are writing. Statistics are also good to include here.


Stay Consistent


Whilst it’s true that some readers won’t pick up on any advanced grammatical issues, they are likely to notice any inconsistencies with formatting or style. For instance, if you capitalise the name of a product or service, make sure it appears this way throughout a blog. The same rule applies to the use of brand names or headings. This will limit confusion and make your blog look much more professional.


Writing For You


At Truly Content, our writers are equipped with the skills to take your blogs to the next level. They will always write these in a way that is true to your business’s tone of voice, ensuring readability and engagement at all times. To find out more about what we have to offer in terms of blog writing, get in touch with us today on 01926 814 547. Alternatively, email us at

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