We’re coming up to the spookiest time of the year and in recognition of this, we thought we’d share some of our favourite Halloween stories.

We’d like to dedicate this blog to our Halloween queen, Miss Harriet Olah.

Whilst she is no longer working at Truly, her love of and dedication to the holiday is enough for her to retain the title.

Our Favourite Halloween Stories

So, we went around the office and asked the team to share some of their favourite Halloween stories, personal anecdotes and traditions. As you may have learned to expect from us by now, there were some particularly silly answers.

Toby started the sharing by telling us that he was attacked by Smurfs. When asked to elaborate on this story he said, ‘that’s it, I was attacked by Smurfs’. Zero context or a proper story from the ever-stoic website developer. After some needling, he explained that he was also dressed as a Smurf and when this other gang saw him, they pounced.

Next, we have Smithy and the time he wore a pumpkin on his head. A simple classic, a win every single time. For the ridiculousness of the subject matter, we were impressed by what a nice photo this actually is. Good effort.

Halloween stories

Ellie then chimed in with some unrivalled cruelty. She revelled in telling us how she and her partner stay home at Halloween so they can ‘scare the s%!@’ out of the trick or treaters… We’d make further comments on this, but we’re a bit scared of her, so we’re going to leave it there.

Lastly, we come to Aaron and Phoebe. We discovered that Aaron grew up in a very religious household and trick or treating was not allowed, there was a collective ‘awww’ for him missing out on this joy. Phoebe also grew up in a religious household, so we asked her if she was allowed to go. She was, but she ‘never had anybody to go with’, which brought about a much bigger ‘awww’. So, if you’re out knocking on doors this year, tip a sweet out in recognition of these two.

Halloween Stories

Of course, we’re always thinking about digital marketing, so let’s talk Halloween stories, the Instagram kind, of course! Do you know what you’ll be posting?

Getting your business involved in different holidays is a great way to attract new customers, we’ve actually got a whole blog on the topic from way back in Easter. That was very ‘here’s one we made earlier’ and we hope you’re here for it.

No worries if you don’t have time to read that now, the key points are:

  • Show off how you’re celebrating – take photos, film a reel or write a blog. Make sure you don’t go too over the top though, no one likes being spammed.
  • Use polls – they’re a good and easy way to increase engagement and you can see who has voted in them so you may be able to refine your target audience from there.
  • Hashtags – get yourself some attention from new scrollers, you may have new customers just stumbling upon your services.
  • Smart keywording – hopefully, you already know about keywording blogs to increase your SEO, you’ve got to make sure you’re being smart with it! Don’t just use ‘Halloween’ as you’ll be fighting it out with millions of other results. If you’re not sure about how to keyword effectively, we’re always here!

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