What you need to know before you invest in paid ads 


What is a paid ad?

A paid ad can be anything from a pay per click, pay per install, pay per view, pay per download, pay per acquisition or display ad. The names of these types of ad may all go straight in one ear and out of the other unless you know the difference. So, let’s break them down. 

  • Pay per click (PPC). This involves putting an advertisement on a website and paying a sum of money to the host website when a user clicks on the advertisement – this is often done on Google.
  • Pay per install (PPI). Pay per install programmes usually present users with third-party advertisements during any sort of installation process. 
  • Pay per download (PPD). This involves charging people to download a specific file or asking them to “unlock” your content by doing something – often filling in a survey or watching a video – which then generates revenue from a third-party.
  • Pay per acquisition (or CPA: Cost per acquisition). This means that there is a cost that you must pay per paying customer you acquire, or sometimes this is a payment per lead when they fill out an online form.
  • Display ads (Digital Display Ads) – This is a visual form advertising on the internet, usually with a banner and other advertising formats including text, images or video. An example of this would be a banner advertisement at the top of an online magazine article.


Paid ads Vs Organic SEO 

You may have read our other blog on the power of SEO and the important effect it can have on your business. If so, then you’ll probably be asking which is better: paid ads or organic SEO? However, we find that a well-organised combination of the two can do the job. 

By publishing content for SEO purposes with the right keywords, this content will always be available. On the other hand, paid advertising is more of a short-term investment, bringing in results you can’t beat, for a limited amount of time. 

The difference between these two marketing techniques is simple – organic SEO takes time, but all inbound marketing achieves a positive ROI over time and the content stays in place. Paid ads can provide fast results, but for a limited amount of time. With a planned approach, you can combine these two techniques and create a solid base for results. 


How we can help

At Truly Content, we are experts in both organic SEO and paid advertisements across – both Google and social media platforms – providing you with the results you want for your business.

If you’re interested in learning more about paid ads and SEO, then email us at info@trulycontent.com

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