Seasonal marketing is one of your biggest resources.

Capitalise wisely on popular festivities and you can get internet users flocking to your site.

Jumping off current events, following social media trends and including amusing ‘Easter eggs’ can send your engagement soaring, reaching a whole new network of people. 


Social Platforms Are Great For Seasonal Marketing


Where better to make the most of the moment than on social media? 

Take advantage of the hype at Christmas time or Halloween, posting fun photos and using polls to ask your customers about their seasonal preferences. Give your audience the chance to voice their opinions on Christmas shopping, memorable toys and cultural traditions.

Don’t be afraid to use festivals that are less widely celebrated. Even if you think it won’t generate much interest, a timely post wishing your audience a Happy Chinese New Year opens the door for a specific demographic to feel seen and appreciated. Marking national awareness days with a post does much the same thing, appealing to pet owners on Love Your Pet Day (20th February) or environmental activists on Earth Day (22nd April). 

There’s sure to be a link you can make to your business, but you don’t have to put one. Posting a bad joke for April Fool’s Day instead of a promotional offer tells your audience that there is a human being behind the computer, not just a heartless, profits-focused machine. Adapt the latest meme, offer industry news and incorporate all the hot hashtags to interest the unknown scroller!


Seasonal Marketing SEO


SEO, or search engine optimization, is the foundation of digital marketing, and seasonal markers are an absolute gift when it comes to building a blog around what people are talking about. 

‘Easter’ would not be an effective keyword, as your content would be lost among the millions of results on Google. However, modifying a keyword in order to link to your brand gives you a much better chance.

Your blog needs to be at least partially linked to what you do. Time to roll up your sleeves and flex your creative muscles! Even if your product doesn’t relate to Easter itself, you can draw on themes of new life, spiritual renewal, warmer weather, April showers and baby animals. Alternatively, you can write an educational blog and swing back to your company with a call to action final paragraph. 


Easter Eggs


Have you seen Encanto? The latest Disney film that recently won an Oscar? Its popularity has generated masses of content, as content producers don the part of conspiracy theorists – dissecting references, clues and in-jokes concealed in the film. Like your material should be, the story is well-written and executed, but by including these tasty tidbits Disney prolonged the discussion. Could you do the same? Embed a hidden message, secret feature or surprise animation to bring a smile to your reader? Fun, exciting and rocket fuel for brand awareness!


Truly Content


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