What’s the best way to guarantee results from your digital marketing strategy? 

Whilst there is no hard and fast answer to this seemingly age-old question, there are several things that you should be doing to ensure that your digital marketing efforts don’t go unnoticed. This can include everything from updating your social media channels as often as you can to producing content that your potential customers are going to want to see. 

With Covid cases forcing the temporary closure of many non-essential businesses for the next four weeks, these are things marketing managers and business owners everywhere should be considering over the next month, particularly with Christmas right around the corner.

How can your online marketing strategy provide you with guaranteed results? Read on to find out what you need to be doing to achieve greater success! 

Results Driven Marketing

Make Your Content Relevant 

Filling up your social media channels with uninspiring, insignificant content won’t get you anywhere, especially not at the moment. To remain relevant at this challenging time, you need to be addressing the elephant in the room head-on! 

COVID-19 may have dominated the news for the past nine months, but ignoring the impact that this virus has had (and continues to have) on the country at large could be potentially damaging to your business. 

Talk about how your business has dealt with the challenges of the pandemic and what you are currently doing to provide people with your products and services in a time of reduced social contact and the many limitations put in place by the brand new lockdown. 

This may not be the sort of “evergreen content” that we’ve been discussing recently but that’s why it’s the perfect material for social media – by the time the world opens up again you’ll have plenty of new topics to write about and your customers won’t question a thing! 


Plan Ahead 

COVID-19, and its associated lockdowns, may have been the cause of many a marketing department headache but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop planning your content in advance any time soon. Even if changing circumstances require you to make some adjustments to what you’ve already got lined up, at least you’ll have something to work from. 

Results may not always be guaranteed from incorporating all of the go-to topics into your digital marketing strategy, but this certainly won’t hurt. Things such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Easter will still be going ahead no matter the state of the world, so you’ll just have to be able to adapt your approach to these things when you need to. 



If there was one thing that we’d advise all businesses to focus on to guarantee results, it’d be their SEO. For the uninitiated, this commonly used acronym stands for Search Engine Optimisation and relates to how search engines such as Google rank your content. Web pages and blogs that have been written with SEO in mind are often based around a single keyword or keyphrase in order to help search engines understand what their content is about. 

Unlike the relatively reactionary approach of social media, SEO is a long game and will deliver rewards much more gradually. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though when these rewards consist of appearing higher up in Google’s search results!

Results Driven Marketing

Invest a Little Extra

If you’re choosing to manage your own SEO, then this is likely to be a cost-effective method of getting your business known online. And whilst there’s nothing wrong with placing your hopes on organic marketing, this is something that may work better when partnered with a paid ad campaign. 

Paid ads require some sort of financial investment but when you consider how they can perform in relation to costless marketing options this is something that quickly becomes irrelevant. These ads can appear at the top of Google search results or in prominent places within the social media feeds of a targeted audience, which means that you can tailor them to ensure that they are seen by those who are more likely to be interested in your services. Perfect! 

Truly Content: Results Guaranteed 

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In fact, we’re so confident in our services that we will compensate anyone who doesn’t see an improvement in results over the next 6 months! 

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