When it comes to any kind of marketing we truly know what we’re doing, however, it’s not so often that we shine a spotlight on our print marketing services. This is because people feel like they are already familiar with the idea, which is probably true, but you may not know about some of the specific benefits that come with this kind of marketing.

Why Choose Print Marketing?

Let’s have a look into why choosing print may benefit your business!

Targeting – Finding and appealing to your target audience is crucial to any successful marketing strategy. If you can target effectively, you will attract more customers without having to increase your marketing budget. Looking to reach out to a specific area? Why not try a leafleting campaign? Think about where your audience will spend their time and what common interests they have. Selling yoga mats for example? Try print ads near gyms.

Reach Everyone – Print can make sure that your marketing can be seen by everyone. For example, fewer than half of those over 75 are internet users, if this is your target audience you’ll do much better in print than you would online.

Trust – Gaining the trust of consumers will encourage first-time and repeat customers. Many individuals find companies that utilise print marketing more credible than those that don’t. In fact, it is the most trusted medium with 82% of people stating their trust in it, as opposed to 61% when it comes to search ads or 25% of pop-up ads.

It Lasts – Digital marketing can be incredibly effective, however, in just a click it’s gone. Utilising physical advertising keeps things around for longer. Being more retainable may also encourage consumers to pass things on to friends and family. After all, who can resist a voucher? And isn’t it helpful when you’re looking for a service and a friend happens to have the business card for a company that would be a perfect fit?

Direct Consumers – The best marketing strategies utilise a range of different media. Combining print and digital can give fantastic results. Simply adding a QR code to your print adverts will direct your target audience to your website, helping them to learn more about you/make a purchase or booking with ease.

Making A Comeback – Digital marketing is going nowhere, however, print marketing is making a comeback to work alongside it! With so many companies vying for space in the digital world, it can be hard to stand out. Combining print with digital can garner more attention and give your business the edge over your competition.

Explore Our Print Marketing Services

Whichever print services you’re looking for, we can provide them! We have years of experience in producing brochures, leaflets, posters, stand designs, business cards, stationery and more! Our design team will create something that gets your message across whilst simultaneously reflecting your brand.

We have formed lasting relationships with several printing companies that consistently offer reliable results. These relationships also allow us to get the best deal for you!

To discuss your needs please get in contact with one of our team on 01926 814547.

Unsure about what print or digital marketing services will benefit your business most? Not to worry! Our marketing department can help you to come up with a marketing plan that will keep you on track and on budget!

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