Understanding how well your website is performing is vital for ensuring that your business is reaching its full potential. To measure a website’s performance you first need to establish what key performance indicators (KPIs) you should be looking at. Unsure about what exactly that means or how to go about it? Truly can help!

What Are KPIs?

Key performance indicators are a set of quantifiable measurements used to gauge how well something is performing – these can apply to anything, even people. For example, a salesperson may be rated on factors such as how many sales they make, how many leads they find and how much profit they bring into the company. These allow you to assess their overall performance.

When it comes to websites, you may look at factors such as bounce rates, average time spent on pages, organic traffic and conversion rates. Investing in a new website can be a big boost for your business and monitoring your key performance indicators is the best way to ensure that that investment is paying off.

Choosing The Right KPIs For Your Business

The important thing to remember when it comes to website key performance indicators is that the factors that determine success vary greatly between businesses, what’s right for you may not be right for someone else. In fact, they can also vary within your own business depending on the kind of marketing campaign you’re running.

For instance, imagine two companies with new websites. Company A is looking to attract new business by showing its expertise and establishing its brand as reliable and knowledgeable. Company B is an e-commerce business that has invested in a new website in order to make the buying process faster and easier.

Company A sees an increase in the time that consumers are spending on pages and pages per session. Company B has seen a decline in both of these things. So, which one is successful and which one is not?

In this case, both are a success!

This is because whilst these KPIs gave opposite results, this suited the needs of their campaigns. Time spent on pages and pages visited went up for Company A because consumers were taking their time to read through all of the information they’re offering, meeting their goal of showing their brand to be knowledgeable. Company B’s website improvements streamlined the buying process, meaning that consumers were spending less time on the pages as they could check out quicker.

Let’s Get Your Website Working For You

Which KPIs will work best for your business? We can’t tell you this yet. As you’ve read, it all comes down to what your goals are.

The good news is that whatever you’re looking to maximise, whether it’s time spent on a page, bounce rates, click-throughs, conversions or something else, we can create a plan that will get your website working for you.

Our marketing experts will advise and our digital team will bring the plan to life!

Simply get in touch on 01926 814547 and we will get to work!

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