On September 19th, Instagram users in the UK were introduced to Instagram Broadcast Channels. This feature has revolutionised how businesses and creators connect with their followers, offering a one-to-many messaging tool, which is similar to WhatsApp newsletters in many ways. With Broadcast Channels, businesses can engage with their most interested followers by sharing new information, offers, photos, videos, voice notes and polls, providing a window into their world.

It’s time to delve into the potential of Broadcast Channels with Truly and explore the other essential features you should be using on Instagram.

The Power Of Instagram Broadcast Channels

These new Instagram Broadcast Channels serve as a dynamic platform for creators to communicate directly with their followers. This feature enables the seamless sharing of updates, behind-the-scenes moments and personalised interactive content, ensuring their most avid followers stay in the loop.

Whether it’s a sneak peek into an upcoming project or a poll to gather opinions, Broadcast Channels offer a versatile means of engagement, which will make audiences feel much more involved in their favourite business, especially if their opinions are influencing wider decision-making processes. For those seeking a respite from the influx of invites, the option to toggle notifications off is always there, ensuring a truly customised experience.

However, we advise businesses not to feel worried if people aren’t signing up to your Broadcast Channels. It might be worth letting your followers know what they could be missing out on in the form of a story or grid post. Speaking of Instagram’s other features…

Beyond Broadcast Channels

While Instagram Broadcast Channels are a game-changer, Instagram offers a wide range of other features that creators and businesses should leverage for maximum impact.

Instagram Live

Instagram Live allows you to broadcast live videos to your followers. It’s perfect for hosting Q&A sessions, sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses or showcasing new products or services. With the interactive nature of live sessions, you can directly engage with your audience and receive immediate feedback.


IGTV provides a platform to share longer-form videos. This feature is ideal for tutorials, in-depth discussions and content that needs a bit more time. By utilising IGTV, you can offer comprehensive and immersive experiences to your audience, allowing you to demonstrate why you should be your follower’s first choice.

The introduction of Instagram Broadcast Channels is the start of a new era of engagement for creators and businesses alike. By using the features we’ve mentioned here, you can create a comprehensive and engaging experience for your followers.


Instagram Stories offer a fantastic way to share ephemeral content. They allow you to provide daily updates, share moments and promote time-sensitive offers. You could argue that Instagram Broadcast Channels do the same thing but the truth is – they don’t. They’re much more inclusive and will allow you to give your most dedicated followers further insights into your business.

IG Shopping

For businesses, IG Shopping is a crucial feature. It allows you to tag and sell products directly in your posts, making it seamless for followers to make purchases. This feature bridges the gap between showcasing products and converting interest into sales.

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