We are over halfway through the year, so it’s time we take a minute to assess what digital marketing trends are working in 2023 and which you need to drop. Our helpful team has put together a handy collection of points that you should follow to keep your digital marketing on fleek. That was a test, no one has said ‘on fleek’ and not been mocked for it for a long time now, keep up!

Which Digital Marketing Trends Are Flourishing?

Let’s start with a look at what you should be doing…

Short-Form Video Remains Strong – Short-form video is hugely popular and data suggests that it’ll continue to perform well. In fact, it’s predicted to see the most growth of any format for the rest of 2023. It also gives you the highest ROI with the higher levels of engagement that it attracts.

Influencer Marketing Continues To Grow – Love or hate them, you should definitely be paying attention to them. Just make sure that if you choose to have an influencer promote your products or service you properly research them first.

Check Your DMs – 1 in 5 Gen Zers and nearly 25% of millennials have contacted brands on social media for customer service in the last three months. Make sure that you’re checking your DMs and replying to them promptly.

Good Old SEO – One digital marketing trend that’s here to stay is SEO. Consumers need to be able to find you easily and ranking well on Google is the perfect way to achieve this. Your content writers will be able to create blog and website copy that will get you to page one!

Show Them Who You Are – Let consumers get to know what your brand is all about! 64% of people would buy from or boycott a brand based on their stance on a political or social issue. Show them what you believe in.

Data Is Your Friend – As well as consumers getting to know a bit about you, you will benefit from knowing more about them. Collecting data allows you to target the right audience for your products and/or services. We provide our clients with key information to help refine their marketing strategy by looking at who engages with PPC or paid ad campaigns for example.

Digital Marketing Trends To Avoid

Now onto things that need to be left behind…

Over Hashtagging – Hashtagging may possibly get you seen by more users, however, the social media algorithms seem to have started turning against this practice and consumers don’t like to see it either. Go for five at most and make sure they’re related to your post.

Celebrity Endorsements – Influencers can work well if they’re promoting something that relates to their content, but random celebrities won’t work so well. Pretty much everyone is tired of the Kardashians claiming to love whatever product they’re being paid to advertise, it’s disingenuous and offputting.

Heavy Filters – Consumers are tired of over-staged, fake ‘perfection’, they want to see something more real. Skip heavy filters and lots of editing. Instead, opt for natural shots that showcase your business.

Long-Form Video – As short-form videos are one of the digital marketing trends that continues to get more and more popular, you might have guessed that long-form is out. However, there is still a place for it, just maybe not on your social media. You might consider just uploading snippets of longer pieces and saving longer videos for YouTube.

Get Help With Your Marketing

That’s the end of our advice on digital marketing trends, what to include and what to avoid in your marketing plan for the second half of the year. If you need help with any of the above or need a hand putting together your marketing plan, just let us know! You can see a full list of services that we offer on our website.

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