In the dynamic world of digital search, change is the only constant. Recently, Google’s August 2023 core update, a milestone event, reshaped the digital landscape. It’s worth noting that this update took around 16 days and three hours to fully roll out, which means it only fully came into effect in September. This rapid evolution highlights the need for websites to adapt and thrive. The search giant also confirmed that it will refresh its ranking release history page to keep us at the forefront of search technology.

Why Did We Need A Core Update?

A core update, as Google assures us, is not crafted to target specific sites or pages. Instead, their aim is to refine and enhance the user experience, ensuring that people receive the most relevant and reliable results. As this seismic shift ripples through the virtual world, you may notice fluctuations in website rankings, both ascents and descents in visibility.

The impact of a core update can be as varied as the landscape it’s trying to refine. Websites may experience a positive surge in search performance, a dip, or perhaps no discernible change at all. It’s paramount to remember that a decline in performance post-update is not a red flag for your website’s overall health. Instead, it may reflect adjustments made by the core update, rather than any inherent flaw in your content or site structure, so there’s no need to panic about your SEO strategy right away!

Strategic Recovery And Future Changes

For those witnessing a dip in rankings, Google advises against a frantic search for technical quick fixes. Instead, focus on enhancing the quality of your website. Delve into the underperforming pages, scrutinise the search terms that led visitors there and align your content with the questions Google offers on its invaluable help page. This introspection will illuminate the areas where your content may be falling short, allowing you to fine-tune it to better meet searchers’ needs. If you’re not sure where to start with that, our services will be sure to offer you a solution.

It’s vital to recognise that even with these efforts, recovery is not a certainty. In the dynamic realm of Google’s search results, no page enjoys a static or guaranteed position. Being patient is important because it usually takes a few months for pages to get back their previous rankings after a core update. This happens only if the improvements made are effective. Remember, countless businesses are in the same position!

As Google strives to improve, they may perform minor updates between the bigger core updates, potentially breathing new life into pages that have made strategic adjustments. As we navigate the impact of the August 2023 core update, it is imperative for businesses and SEO professionals alike to remain steadfast, prioritising the enhancement of website quality over hasty, short-term fixes. Fortunately, Truly can definitely help you with that.

Stay Informed With Truly

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