There’s not much we don’t know about digital marketing here at Truly Content, but our true calling is creating quality content for our clients’ websites, social media platforms and e-marketing campaigns. We believe that engaging content is the best way to build a relationship with your potential customers and reinforce your brand’s reliability, but how about turning that reputation into lead generation? Read on to find out how we utilise content to make the most business for our clients.

Defining Your ‘Dream Buyer Persona’

One of the first things we need to know about marketing your business isn’t always the ins and outs of the company – it’s exactly who we’re looking to reach with your tailored marketing strategy. Sussing out your dream buyer or client is an important step in deciding exactly how to write bespoke content, because personalised or tailored copy is proven to be far more effective.

When it comes to broadcasting content marketing, casting the biggest net possible isn’t always the goal. Rather, it’s about catching the attention of potential customers who would specifically bring positive business towards your company: think quality over quantity, every time. We’d rather generate five hot leads than a hundred cold ones! To do this, it’s important that we help our clients fill out a Buyer Persona. One of the first things we do for our clients at Truly Content is understand exactly who we are marketing for, and precisely how we should go about it. We stand by our Tones, Values, and Audiences protocols and help our clients define this element of their brand before we write anything,ensuring our content really is as effective as possible.

    Content Syndication for Company Success

    Another great way of making the most of your online copy is through content syndication. If you’re putting in the effort to create on-brand, targeted content for the blog on your website, but you’re running low on traffic, the best thing you can do is harness the power of backlinking. Some businesses find that paying to have their blog featured on more traffic-heavy websites is an effective way of generating leads, but we believe it doesn’t have to be quite so complicated.

    At Truly Content, we love social media and the ways we can utilise it for the benefit of our clients. We’re highly skilled and finding and negotiating with social media influencers who can promote the right image for your brand and put your name in front of your dream clients. This type of content syndication is proven and effective in today’s digital climate, but we also condone simple yet well-written social media posts that link right back to the content on our clients’ website. Using content to promote content is a significant tool in our arsenal, as long as your social media strategy is up to scratch!

    Content Upgrades and Lead Magnets: Video Tells a Thousand More Words

    Another effective way of generating leads is by using lead magnets or content marketing upgrades. While we truly believe in the power of words, we know that in this digital age, it can actually be more personalised and tailored to your audience through other mediums. While someone is reading your latest content, why not offer them a free downloadable image that explains your main ideas? How about presenting the information in video format? The most vital role content plays in generating more leads is engaging the audience and offering them information of value – it’s only then that they’ll consider investing in you.

    If you’d like to find out more about our content creation services, whether that be for web pages, social media, or in photography and video format, drop us a line and we’ll happily tell you more. When it comes to content creation for lead conversion, Truly Content have got your story already written.

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