An Unusual Year


It’s normally around now that a lot of small businesses start putting their heads together to think about how best to promote themselves during the festive season and come up with ideas for that all-important Christmas marketing strategy.

Yet, things are a little different this year, with COVID-19 once again interfering with traditional ways of doing things.

Following on from Boris Johnson’s recent announcement of a four-week lockdown from 5th November, many business owners have once again been given a lot to think about and left to come up with alternative ways of achieving success in the run-up to Christmas. Are you one of these people? Do you need an extra helping hand with your online presence this November? Give your winter and Christmas marketing a boost with Truly Content’s shiny new Stocking Filler!

Christmas Marketing Truly Content

How Can We Help with Your Christmas Marketing?


Available to both new and existing clients, Truly’s Stocking Filler is a veritable Santa’s sack full of seasonal goodies designed to get your clients and customers into the festive spirit

and kept up to speed with the changes your business is going through as we approach the holiday season.

This fantastic package is chargeable at the special lockdown price of £189+VAT and comprises of the following features:

4 x social media templates (Christmas-themed) – normally £100
An E-Shot (we can also provide suitable content for an extra £40) – normally £175
Logo branding in 3 image sizes (Post, Cover & Story) – normally £110
Animation (Merry Christmas from…) – normally £199

All of these marketing materials are fully customisable to your business and will be produced from scratch by our hard-working content elves. There’s no danger of us being on the naughty list this year, that’s for sure!

Christmas Marketing Truly Content

Here for You


In addition to this amazing offer, we’d also like to take this opportunity to reassure both existing and prospective clients that we will be doing all we can to help businesses overcome the many challenges that are sure to arise from this second lockdown.

We understand that many of you will be experiencing some anxiety about what the future holds but we’re fully committed to helping you to make the most of this unprecedented situation and turning it to your advantage.

To capitalise on our expertise and find out how else we can influence the success of your marketing for Christmas and beyond, contact us today on