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The Benefits Of Our Aesthetics Marketing Services?

It can be challenging for start-ups or medium-sized businesses in the aesthetics industry to grow their brand. Company owners have to worry about promoting their business and standing out from the competition. If you’re not sure how to overcome these roadblocks, then getting aesthetics marketing services is a wise decision!

Here at Truly Content, we can help you find the right audience and gain more followers. We devise an effective content and communications plan to promote your brand while staying genuine and compliant with marketing rules.

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Our Content And Communications Plan

When advertising your business brand, we create exciting and relevant content for your audience, which will give them helpful information and encourage them to try out your aesthetics products and services.

We maintain a consistent style with our content and provide regular updates, which will help form a healthy and active rapport with your audience.

Here are some of the things we can work on to win over your current and future customers:

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Communication methods


We will use your blog and website pages to share engaging content that is valuable to your clients and is written for best search engine optimisation. Our articles and pages are unique and informative and will help in establishing the credibility of your business. As a result, you can build a reputable brand that people will trust.


These are great for communicating with your clients. We will send personalised newsletters and promotions to the right people, enticing your customers to take advantage of your offers and enquire about your services.

Social media

With countless people using social media in today’s world, you can reach a wider audience than ever before. Moreover, you can link your business’s website to your social media accounts, further increasing the potential for business growth. For these reasons, social media marketing is crucial in any brand promotion strategy.

Having relevant and interesting marketing material and content is key to a strong presence on any social media platform. If you hire us, you can rely on our team to make fantastic social media content that will draw more people to your brand.

Photos and videos

Your business’s website and social media profile will look bland if you don’t include photos and videos. This type of content gets the highest level of engagement no matter the platform, so it’s wise to take advantage of them.

You can expect us to provide you with relevant and eye-catching promotional photos and videos that draw the attention of many potential customers.

Moreover, we at Truly Content, will see to it that all the content mentioned above is consistent in terms of tone and branding, no matter what media platform we use. Through these efforts, our team can definitely ensure the success of your business brand!

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The benefits of using our marketing for aesthetic clinics

Here are some of the benefits you get by using our marketing for aesthetic clinics in Warwickshire:

Boost brand awareness

Marketing on social media is a very cost-effective way to increase your brand awareness. Thanks to our social media marketing strategies, your company can easily reach a wider audience without breaking the bank!

Combined with effective social media engagement, you can build an excellent relationship with your followers, which can boost your brand recognition even further.

With our team of experts on the job, all of your social media posts can garner many likes and shares, which can open up your brand to a whole new network of people who could become potential patients and clients!

Increase inbound traffic

Your inbound traffic is closely related to your content marketing strategy. If you’re using content to market your aesthetics services without using social media, you will probably have a hard time getting traffic to your website. This is because your target audience may be limited to those who are already familiar with your brand.

If you want to engage with a bigger audience and grow your website traffic, social media is a must. However, you shouldn’t merely focus on one social network.

You can find people from all walks of life, with different age groups and behaviours, on social media. The way they search for products and services is different. For instance, an older person may use a single keyword on Facebook to search for your website, while a younger person may use Instagram to find your brand.

To target as many people as possible, we create social media accounts for all relevant social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Each one of these platforms can serve as a gateway to your main company website, and effectively managing them is the key to increasing your inbound traffic.

Target the right audience

If your business targets the wrong audience, there is a slim chance they will become paying customers. Our aesthetic marketing agency can focus on bringing the right audience to you using advanced marketing tools, practices, and strategies.

Our team will conduct extensive research about your brand, your products and services, and your competition. Next, we will identify the types of people who will benefit the most from your offers and target them in our marketing efforts.


Advertising your usual products and services is not the only benefit of aesthetic marketing. We can also promote events or discounted products and services! Whether you’re launching a new treatment, scheduling a seminar, or releasing your latest product line, you can be sure that your audience will know all about it.

Since these offers are usually time-limited, you will want an expert to handle the advertising tasks for you and get as many customers as possible within a specific period. We will make sure that your offers reach your audience immediately, maximising the profits you can gain from your promotions.

Apart from these benefits, there are many other perks of trying our aesthetics marketing services. Truly Content has various bespoke packages that can suit any company’s business goals and budget. Get in touch with us to learn more!

If you want to achieve business growth and brand recognition for your aesthetics company, we can make it happen with our advanced marketing strategies! Just give us a call on 01926 814547 or email us at info@trulycontent.com.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create an aesthetics brand?

To establish your brand in the aesthetics industry, we will first identify your target customers and business goals. These two factors are essential in creating your brand’s persona. Next, we can decide on the most appropriate tone for the content and visuals for the design based on this demographic.

How do I make my Instagram aesthetic?

If you plan to build your brand on Instagram, you shouldn’t post random and irrelevant photos. Our team of professionals can manage your Instagram account and post creative images that match your business brand in the medical and aesthetics industry.

When managing your Instagram account, we will choose a great colour scheme so that it will look beautiful and eye-catching. We will also regularly post stories and incorporate hashtags to advertise your products and services.

What is brand aesthetic identity?

Your brand identity is a combination of design, colours, and your logo, which creates your company’s image in the eye of your target audience. Your brand identity should make an excellent first impression, and you need to maintain it for your customers to keep a positive image of your brand.

What is the difference between branding and marketing?

In simpler terms, branding is who you are and what you’re selling to your customers, while marketing is how you build awareness. We are digital content experts who can promote your medical and aesthetics brands online using various marketing strategies like social media marketing, content marketing, and much more.

What is brand strategy?

A branding strategy or a marketing plan for an aesthetic clinic is a plan used to develop brand recognition and gain more customers. Our team will create a well-defined brand strategy that directly connects to your customers’ needs and emotions, and we will execute it effectively for the best results.

What comes first, branding or marketing?

If you are running a start-up in the beauty and medical industry, you should start with establishing your company brand. It is the core of any medical aesthetics marketing strategy.

You will likely need the help of an expert in creating a sound business brand before planning specific marketing strategies. Truly Content can help!

How many types of marketing are there?

There are different ways to market your brand. We can use paid advertising with the use of PPC or Pay-Per-Click Ads. We can also provide social media marketing for aesthetics, where we regularly post interesting photos, videos, and stories on your social media. Social media advertising is also very effective.

Content writing is another excellent choice if you want your blog or website to be filled with informative and entertaining articles relevant to your products and services.
There are many other ways to market your brand, but it all depends on your business needs. Get in touch to get the marketing package that meets your requirements!

What are communication tools in marketing?

There are many marketing communication tools out there, but our advertisement experts on the Internet mostly use creative content, photos, and videos for advertising and sales promotions, social media, email campaigns, and newsletters.

The Dos And Don’ts In Aesthetic Marketing

When advertising medical and aesthetic products and services, there are a few rules that our online advertising professionals comply with.

For instance, mentioning Prescription-Only Medicines or “POMs” should be avoided by experts in digital content. This is prohibited by the Committee of Advertising Practise or “CAP.”

Therefore, we avoid mentioning POMs like Botox, beautox, or even anti-wrinkle injections when writing content on your website or posting photos, videos, and stories on your social media, unless you’re trained and licensed in this area.

What we can do is create general statements like “anti-wrinkle treatments” as it is a term that perfectly describes a wide range of your offers.

Another rule that falls into the prohibition of advertising POM is sharing your price list. Our digital advertising professionals will instead write about free initial consultations instead of putting a list of your services and their prices. This way, aestheticians and doctors can analyse the patient’s condition and provide a bespoke treatment cost.

If you want your aesthetics marketing to be compliant with the law and done the right way, just give us a call!

Social Media Advertising In Aesthetics

The biggest reason people turn to aesthetic practitioners for treatments is because of social media; they simply want to look better in pictures. Because of the “selfie era”, the number of patients using aesthetics treatments has drastically increased.

For aesthetic practitioners who are establishing or maintaining their brand reputation online, genuine advertisement is a must. There are many apps and software that make good use of filters and photo editing to depict beautiful but unrealistic images of people.

Using such apps for your ads might gain a lot of attention from your customers, but if the results of your treatments don’t match your ads, it will not meet your customers’ expectations and lead to dissatisfaction and complaints. This can deeply hurt the brand reputation that you have worked so hard to achieve.

For this reason, you should work with our team of experts in marketing for aesthetic clinics. We are well-versed in making stunning yet authentic aesthetic advertisements, whether in the form of photos or videos.

When working with us, you can ensure that your ads are both effective and genuine, which will keep your brand reputation untarnished.

A Guide To Increasing Your Social Media Presence

Since many people spend their time on the Internet nowadays, you can boost your brand recognition in the medical and aesthetics industry by using photo and video ads. You can include before and after facial images of your treatments to show your skills as an aesthetics practitioner and prove genuine results.

One of the best ways to do this is to create a Facebook Business Page or FBP. You can work with our team to optimise and populate it, allowing new followers and potential clients to find their way to you. We can also create an Instagram Business Page, which connects to your FBP.

An up-to-date social media page will mean that you are actively inviting clients to your business. Our team of aesthetic brand marketing experts must create synergy on both your Facebook and Instagram business pages by regularly updating them with fresh content, photos, and videos to build client trust and gain more followers.

If you want to work with a professional aesthetics marketing agency in Warwickshire and get great results, give us a call today!