Writing blogs that capture the reader’s attention within the first few seconds is unbelievably important. To achieve this, you can do many things, but the easiest of these is to make sure that your blogs are always fun and engaging!


Why Is Having A ‘Fun’ Blog Important?


The answer is pretty simple, writing blogs that are fun to read will help with attracting traffic to your site!

The main goal is to create fresh digital content whilst keeping in mind the importance of it being SEO-friendly, informative and adding to the knowledge that your customers may already have about your business. Ensuring that the content you write is concise, compelling AND fun will give you higher chances of customer retention.

Many people read on the go, whether it’s on public transport on their way home from work or during their lunch break, so you need to grab them within the first 15 seconds to keep them on your page!

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How Pop Culture Can Help Your Blog Relatability


Pop culture references are a sure-fire way to widen your business’s reach, and knowing these are now as important as knowing who the Queen of England is. The way in which social media has evolved to encompass influencers, celebrities and those who are always online means that it’s almost TOO easy to Keep Up With The Kardashians!

Writing Blogs

Using references to current events in popular culture will help your business relate to a huge audience, allowing you to find a common ground that improves your chances of bringing these people on board as customers.

It doesn’t always have to be written content that shows that your business knows its pop culture either, you can also demonstrate this through the use of GIFs, images or even trending TikToks!


Need Help Creating Engaging Blogs?


Consistently creating engaging content will aid every company’s goal of customer retention. Businesses need to create a recognisable voice and image for themselves and this will help build brand recognition, with well-researched written content also creating a positive user experience.

At Truly Content, we have a team that specialises in putting together engaging content to help you achieve just that!

Writing Blogs


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