The importance of understanding the term “Search Engine Optimisation”

The world of SEO is one that confuses many people. Though it is a technical word, most people assume that they don’t need to understand it. However,

a firm understanding of SEO can help to drastically improve the number of people who visit your website.

Taking steps to understand what people are searching for online, and making this specific to a location and to your industry, really can be essential. 

With this information at hand, you can then tailor your content and blog work to encompass keywords which will bring up your business in more Google searches. 


What’s your Google ranking?

Try searching a few terms related to your business, for example, if you own a restaurant in a specific area of Coventry, you could try: best restaurant Earlsdon

 Do you come up on the first page? If you don’t, then your SEO needs a lot of work. And if you want to come up first, you need to invest! SEO works best when you put the work in. Blogs, advertisements, keywords and location are all important in helping you to appear in organic results – but it’s also important to ensure that your website is built to be compatible with the most advanced SEO updates.


Organic Search results

When you have put in the work for your SEO, you will see organic results. This basically means that the results that you earn are not paid for. Normally, when you search on Google, the first 2-3 results will have “AD” in the top right corner. This means that the companies featured here have paid to make sure they are the first result. This is where investing in paid ads can really pay off. However, organic search results can give you the same results. This is important as some people do not trust the advertised results that appear on Google. 


Why is SEO important?

It’s crucial to understand the impact SEO can have on your business and the digital footfall to your website. Most of us that use Google will click on the first page it brings up, so if you’re not even on page 1 of the search results then you are losing a huge number of potential customers. 


Truly glad to help!

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