Give your website the makeover it deserves!

As we get more settled into the new year, it’s time to take on those menial tasks you’ve been putting off! Most of us prefer a fresh new start before we take on jobs or start new diets: “I’ll start on Monday because it’s the beginning of the week” or, perhaps, “I’ll start in January because it’s a fresh slate.” Well then, now’s your time!

Your website is probably one of the most important elements of your business. From providing potential customers with vital information about what you can offer them and often being the main booking platform, it’s crucial you get your website just right.

What your website needs…

Your website needs to be clear and direct about where to find everything – a clear menu is always important. Being able to navigate around a website is key – if people struggle to find something on your website, they may just give up and take their business elsewhere!

Relevant content and information should be provided on your website. Stay concise and factual about what treatments you offer – people don’t want to read your life story when trying to find out how dermal fillers work. This sort of information should be found in the About Us section, a place where people can go when they really want to get a feel for your business!

Your website should be professional – with any personal undertones you want – but when potential clients stumble across your website they should gain complete trust in your business. Having a well-written, factual and enjoyable website can give them that trust!

Make your website Truly stand out!

Here at Truly Content, we specialise in making your content the best it can be. With our team of expert writers, we can give your business the injection of life it needs this year. From Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn and Twitter, we’ve got your social media covered – but we can also help with your website.

Come and speak to us about giving your website the revamp it needs to bring in new business this year! From content writing for your webpage to starting a new one from scratch, we can help you!

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