A positive experience with the first point of contact with your company has numerous benefits. It sets the tone, can help build trust and establishes a relationship. Even if someone is contacting you about a perceived negative experience, if handled well, they could become loyal customers. Truly’s virtual assistant/PA services can make this all-important contact run smoothly, leaving your customers happy and your profits soaring.

What Is A Virtual Assistant/PA?

A virtual assistant/PA is a remote employee who offers admin support for you and your business. They manage bookings and diary appointments, answer customer queries, make calls, offer sickness cover and much more.

Our team can also offer more specialised support, including:

  • Personal PA services
  • Sending invoices
  • Accounts consolidation and bookkeeping
  • Credit control
  • Taking payments

You can visit our website to see our full range of services.

Basically, they make your life easier and help your business to run smoothly! Let’s have a closer look at how they can help you…

Why Hire A Virtual Assistant/PA?

Now you know what they do, let’s look at why you should get one!

Cost-effective – If you don’t need a full-time, long-term assistant/PA, this is a great option as you can hire someone for just the time that you actually need them. As well as this, they come fully trained, so you don’t need to pay someone throughout their training period.

More efficient – A lot of jobs that they can take on are ‘non-core’ tasks. They will take on all of the small but necessary jobs that keep the business running, instead of your in-house team having to cover them when they could be doing the work they are trained for.

Avoid burnout – As well as being more efficient, our team can help you to avoid your employees burning out. Taking on an assistant role alongside their current position is a recipe for exhaustion!

Specialised services – Having experience in the industry means that they are capable of taking on more specialist tasks that may be difficult for individuals who do not have the correct training.

Manage rapid growth – If your company has grown rapidly, you may be in an awkward phase where you’re not ready for someone full-time but you do need the help of a part-time virtual assistant/PA.

Quick replacement – If your current assistant/PA has had to leave their position unexpectedly you may need to find someone who is already trained and can start the job with immediate effect. Our team can do that!

Avoid burnout with our Virtual Assistant

Get In Touch

Do you think that you could do with the help of one of our assistants/PAs? Then get in touch with us on 01926 814547 for a free, no-obligation chat! We can discuss your exact needs and match you with a package to suit you – plus, there’s always room to tailor our options to your needs and add specialist bolt-on services if necessary.

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