Whilst the evenings are still long, and the cold hasn’t set in yet, September’s bringing the autumn. Yeah, you might have to say a tearful goodbye to your shorts and swimmers and start thinking about dragging your coats out of the back of the wardrobe, but the new season brings a lot of good with it. Crisp leaves, bonfires, Halloween, and of course that incredible autumnal sunlight! You know what that’s perfect for? A video shoot. And oh look at that! We’ve currently got an offer on those!

Why Invest In A Video Shoot?

Social media platforms are always changing and developing, but

one of the biggest shifts recently has been the prioritisation of video content

. A few months back the head of Instagram said that it is no longer just a photo-sharing app, encouraging the explosion of reels you see on there now. Of course, they modified the algorithm to follow suit (something a lot of creators, particularly artists, aren’t happy with). And it wasn’t long before Facebook jumped on the short-form video bandwagon.

Whatever your views on the matter, with the Insta/Facebook changes, YouTube going strong and TikTok taking over (especially for younger people) all heads are turning towards videography. So, to maximise your social media presence and attract consumers, you need to be investing in a video shoot.

Why Book My Video Shoot Now?

‘Fall has always been my favourite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.’
Lauren Destefano

That’s a much more poetic way of saying that now is a great time for a video shoot because the world is creating the perfect backdrop for you. You can catch the last of the summer sun or take advantage of the long, golden autumn evenings. Even if you’re filming indoors (unless you’re in some odd room with no windows*) you’re gonna have that autumnal light flooding in, so make the most of it! Plus, since the daylight is still lasting well into the evening you don’t have to panic about everything being shot before 5pm.

It’s not just about it being the right time of year though, now is the time to book a video shoot because our September offer is one full day shoot for the price of a half day. That’s right! 50% off! It’s an absolute bargain – but is only available this month, so get booked in!

*No worries if you are in an odd room with no windows though, we’ve got all the lighting that you’ll need

How About A Podcast?

Yeah, we know we’re already spoiling you with a huge video shoot discount, at the perfect time of year for it, but, as we’re the best, we thought we’d roll out another offer too.

If you buy a 10 podcast series this month, you can get it for half price! You can upload these to your website, take snippets for social media (perfect for reels) and we can sort it so your clients can download them from iTunes/Amazon music/whatever platform you prefer.

They’re not just audio either, we can video the whole thing so you’ve got some multimedia content to play with.

Get Booked In

Do you wanna make today the day that you upgrade your digital marketing whilst simultaneously making a killer saving? It’s an easy yes, surely?

Just fill out one of our contact forms and we’ll get back to you, or if you’re super eager and want to have a chat immediately about booking a video shoot or podcast recording session you can call us on 01926 814547.

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