Is overseeing your business’s digital marketing strategy making you feel like the single, down-on-your-luck protagonist of a cheesy rom-com? Content creation isn’t easy, especially if you’re trying to do everything alone, so

let us give you some pointers on your valentines message over the next few weeks to make sure your followers fall in love with you and your business all over again!


Get Your Valentines Message Across 


It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. But in case it has, be sure to use the most romantic day of the year to remind your followers just how much you value them. You can do this by offering special discounts on your products or services or posting a mushy valentines message straight to your feed on the day in question.

Remember though, customers and clients, much like our partners, appreciate being told how special they are more than once every 365 days. With this in mind, perhaps you can make it your mission to spread positivity across your social platforms as much as you can throughout the year! 


All The Single Ladies (And Men)…


Despite what advertising would have you believe, there are more than a few single people out there happily living their lives. So don’t use up all your best material on the lovers! 

Singles Awareness Day, which takes place on 15th February, provides plenty of opportunities to celebrate the benefits of living life without the trappings of the old ball and chain. Get on board with this celebration of being single by encouraging your followers and friends to post what they love most about themselves. You could even hold a special giveaway in honour of all of the singletons in your client base. After all, feelgood valentines messages and competitions aren’t just for those in relationships! 


And They Called It… Puppy Love 


Just when you thought the love-in couldn’t possibly last past the middle of the month… 20th February marks National Love Your Pet Day!

If the internet has taught us anything, it’s that people really LOVE animals. From Grumpy Cat (RIP) and Doge to LOLcats and that goat that sounds like Taylor Swift, the place is absolutely crawling with them. 

So it makes sense that including pictures of animals or pets in your social posts is a great way to increase engagement and give people a real flavour of your business’s true personality. 

Try it today! 


We Can Take Your Valentines Message To The Next Level 


Struggling to come up with that all-conquering valentines message or perfect February social campaign? We can help. 

At Truly Content, our social media management services can be tailored to every aspect of your business. When you subscribe to one of these packages, we will take the time to get to know what makes your business tick before putting together a social media strategy perfectly suited to you. 

Call us on 01926 814547 or email today. 


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