Writing content can be challenging, but sometimes choosing what to write your content about can be even more problematic. What you want to write about and what you should be writing about are two completely different things – and although there is no “wrong” answer when it comes to writing, sometimes a little bit of guidance can be greatly appreciated. This is when Google Trends can become a useful ally!

What Is Google Trends?

Google Trends analyses data over time and showcases how often certain key phrases have been searched for. For example, in the UK we are apparently big fans of sport and superheroes – we know this because we used Trends to find out that the Rugby World Cup and Thanos were some of the most searched terms in 2019. Though being from the Midlands, we probably could have guessed this – we are the home of rugby after all!

As you can imagine, Google Trends is a digital marketer’s best friend – which is why we use it to make more informed decisions about the content we create for you. A great feature included with Trends is the ability to track data from an area as small as Southam, to an area as wide as the whole of the USA. You can see what matters most to different regions and demographics.

Make The Most Of Trends

What’s trending and Google Trends are both essential tools on your content creation journey – luckily, one provides you with the information to take advantage of the other.

Making the most of Google Trends isn’t as simple as just going on to the platform and looking at the homepage. For example, If you are a dermatologist and Mexican food is trending, then a blog on bespoke treatment options and free burritos probably won’t get you very far. Your readers and clients still need to see content that is relevant to your specific business or niche.

However, if you saw that Global Beauty Day was trending, you might want to take advantage of this and write a blog about the connection between your products and looking beautiful!

Using Trends To Make You Trend

When it comes to creating some engaging content for a client, we can utilise Trends to uncover the topics that are being discussed and get some inspiration on the themes we think you should be engaging with.

Some examples of trends in 2020 (with no real surprises) are “coronavirus”, “masks”, “economic stimulus” and “unemployment.” Although this may seem obvious, it is data like this that many people tend to overlook.
This then sets the stage for a blog to be written that is both relevant to your business and has a good chance of trending. Take “coronavirus and “masks”, for instance. If you’re a skincare brand or a beauty business, you can use this information to put together a piece about “Maskne” – the idea that regularly wearing a mask can cause people to experience increasingly frequent skin conditions.

By suggesting a product to combat this – or offering expert advice on how to manage this condition – you can engage with the trending subject in a way that is still true to your business and your audience. This can be a sure-fire way to increase engagement!

Here To Help You

When it comes to content creation, we consider ourselves the local experts. From social media to blog writing or SEO, we are here to help you with all your deepest digital desires! Based in Warwickshire, we have helped countless brands and businesses level up their online presence and consistently hit their marketing goals.

In terms of our services, there isn’t much we can’t do. Be it SEO, social media or blogging, we have a series of offers that can accommodate a wide range of budgets and requirements. Recently, we have also started offering our Social Media Maximiser, a monthly presentation full of all of the latest trending tips and tricks – allowing you to utilise your online platforms to their full potential.

To find out more about these services and what we can do to help you succeed in content creation, email info@trulycontent.com or call 01926 814 547 today.

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