The dawn of the internet has opened up a plethora of new opportunities to occupy ad space via digital means, and with Google and Facebook being the titans of online space, it’s only natural that their advertising offerings are by far the most popular- and effective. Facebook currently boasts a user base of 2 billion active monthly accounts, whilst Google is visited by billions each and every day. However, if you’re looking to place ads for your business, it can be tricky to know which platform is right for you- particularly if budget constraints prevent you from testing the waters with both.

The Importance of Online Advertising

But first, let’s look a little closer at why you should be considering either of these options to begin with. Advertising has always been about placing your products where it can be easily seen. Traditionally, this was billboards in prominent areas, or pages of best selling newspapers or magazines. 25 years ago, it might have been a TV commercial in a prime time slot. Today, this space is online, and more specifically, on Facebook and Google. In order to market yourself effectively, you need to be online accessible, strategically placed to answer questions your consumers have yet to ask.

Google Advertising

Google is the largest search engine in the world, accumulating 5 billion searches per day worldwide, so is understandably an attractive option for marketers looking to tap into the power of online advertising. Google offers several different options for placing ads, and is a fantastic cover-all option for reaping advertising success. Flexible enough to offer a variety of formats and huge potential, Google Ads is a hugely customisable way to advertise your business using location and key words. However, Google Ads targets those who already are looking to make a purchase or actively searching for a service. While this may be an effective way of answering questions that are already being asked, it does little towards showcasing your product to those who have yet to realise they need it.

Facebook Advertising

Although Facebook was conceived as a social network, it has grown into an entity of its own, becoming an invaluable tool for businesses to showcase what they have to offer. Whilst the intent to purchase is not as high as on Google, this doesn’t mean advertising on Facebook isn’t worth your while. With such a high number of active monthly users, Facebook is a hotbed for niche markets to flock together based on their shared interests, and their advertising system allows you to integrate your ads directly into their news-feeds. Facebook ads are incredibly effective at boosting brand awareness and generating leads, allowing you to really hone in on the audiences you are looking to target.

Advertising with Truly Content

As two different platforms, Google and Facebook both offer totally different services with their own unique strengths and weaknesses, but balance each other out by excelling where the other does not. For this reason, using them in tandem with each other is the best way to get the most out of your advertising efforts, but choosing which is the best for you will depend on your overall goals. If you’re looking to generate a high number of conversions, look to Google. If brand awareness is your main focus, Facebook has more to offer.

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