At Truly Content, our work for you is geared towards helping you generate leads. However, unless you have a smooth, reliable system in place to turn those leads into conversions for your business, all of our hard work (and your money!) may as well be for nothing. So, if you’re struggling to convince your leads to become loyal customers, how can you improve this?

Examine Your Processes

If you’ve already got a lead response system in place, it may be worth closely examining why this isn’t working for you. If you’re getting enquiries, or even traffic to your website, but not seeing a return on your investment as part of it, it may be worth reassessing your methods. Try to pinpoint at what exact stage your potential customers are losing interest, and adapt your approach to rectify what it is that is putting them off. It may be a design flaw you didn’t know existed, such as a button that didn’t work or a dead link, that may be halting your progress, or else something in your content that immediately needs revising. Either way, the earlier you catch the problem, the sooner you can rectify it.


Act Fast

Did you know that the faster you connect with your leads, the more likely you are to seal the deal and turn them into conversions? Studies show getting in touch before your competition can increase conversions by around 238%, and the odds of converting a lead increases 21 times by calling after 5 minutes as opposed to 30. If there’s nobody in-office to manage and connect with leads, it may be worth utilising the services of a lead-response management company for a more instant follow up.


Start More Conversations

When looking at your leads-to-conversions ratio, the discrepancies between the two figures may be startling. However, when comparing them directly, you’re skipping over an important context clue. Always keep track of how many leads you are reaching out to, and how many meaningful conversations are coming from this. Relying on email to initiate contact is far less likely to result in a closing sale than a telephone call, and chasing up leads this way makes it far easier to ignore you.


Persistence IS Key

Studies have shown that double the amount of leads can be reach on the second call, as opposed to the first, but unfortunately, half of businesses never receive a second call. If you don’t manage to make contact the first time, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try again.


Tips and Tricks

There’s plenty you can implement when it comes to refining your follow up processes, but if you’re still stumped on what you may be doing wrong, or even failing to get to that stage all together, there are still a few steps you can take to try and encourage further conversions.

  • Removing the navigation bar from strategic pages (such as pricing, packages, or trials) makes it 70% more likely a potential lead will convert, rather than become distracted and route away from the page/
  • In some cases, offering a second call to action may prove integral in closing a sale. Visitors who are already sold on your services can choose to buy, sign up, or request a call, whereas those who are still unsure can be directed to other informational pages and provide you another golden opportunity to convince them. By coding in a second call to action for your uncertain leads, you can effectively signpost their journey through your website and help to guide them into a sale rather than force it on them.
  • Does your website have a testimonials page? If so, you may want to consider getting rid of it, instead seeding your testimonials throughout every page of your website. This puts the glowing reviews of your services together with the services themselves, rather than as their own separate entity, and has a positive impact on conversions.

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