Musicians, writers and poets seem to have this thing about setting November out as a grey and miserable month. Yes, perhaps if you go for that pathetic fallacy thing, however, in reality, November can be a stunning 30 days! Accepting the cold weather, those first frosts, the stunning bonfires, plus Diwali, Hanukkah and the lead-up to Christmas bringing so many lights! Now we are in agreement that November is a beautiful month, let’s check out the important November dates that you’ll want noted down in your social media calendar.


Throughout The Month- Important November Dates

Rather than just being single days, Movember and The Veg Pledge continue throughout the entire month.



This incredible foundation focuses on three big aspects of wellbeing in young men: Mental health, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

Mental Health – The suicide rate of young males in this country should be a cause for national concern. Toxic masculinity and the scarcity of appropriate advice and care for those in need have led to 75% of suicides being committed by men.

Prostate Cancer – 1 in 8 UK men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. A terrifying statistic for men, and their loved ones too.

Testicular Cancer – This is the most common form of cancer amongst young men in the UK – diagnosis is scary and can be an isolating time.

Movember has successfully raised a lot of money for charities supporting these three causes, and has done so via the contrastingly hilarious method of encouraging men to grow a moustache.

The idea is, you get sponsored, and grow a ‘stache for the month. It’s a fun way to tackle very serious issues.

Why not see if anyone at your business wants to take part? Post photos of their new growth as they go.

(A tip from experience – if you’re young and fair-haired ,a bit of hair dye works wonders.)


The Veg Pledge

The Veg Pledge was founded by Cancer Research UK and asks participants to go veggie or vegan for the month, with sponsorships going towards furthering our understanding of, and developing ways to treat, cancer.

Restaurants could offer more veggie/vegan options in support of this cause. Or you could encourage your employees to participate and donate.


Important November Dates: Specific Dates

Sorry if that start was pretty heavy, but the above are really important charities that raise awareness of things that need to be spoken about more freely.

To lighten the mood, let’s look at some more exciting dates…

Diwali – 2nd → 6th
The five-day ‘festival of lights’ recognising ‘victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance’, celebrated by Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and some Buddhists. Fortunately, this vibrant holiday is open for those of us from other, or non, religious backgrounds to celebrate. The incredible lights and colours that accompany this time of year are to be enjoyed by all… and (respectfully) posted about on social media.

Guy Fawkes Night- 5th
Let’s start with a key piece of advice, NO ONE is going to watch a 3-minute video of fireworks filmed on your phone. No no no. Fireworks are beautiful, but unless recorded and/or photographed properly, they are not exciting to look at on a screen.

If you are after photos of this night, without a proper photographer or videographer, you could go for bonfire and sparkler shots instead. Perhaps a mulled wine or hot chocolate image could work just as well too.

Social Media Kindness Day – 9th
If you’ve been on social media for more than a day, the odds are you will have seen bullying and/or outright abuse. There’s something about this perceived distance that encourages the hurling of vitriol at another individual (AN ACTUAL HUMAN PERSON) on the other side of the screen.

Let’s quit that now, please.

Use Social Media Kindness Day to share the message, put the spotlight on someone kind or share a good deed you’ve done. Just be good and encourage others to do the same.

Hanukkah (Chanukah) – 28 → 6
Like Diwali, Hanukkah is also often referred to as ‘the festival of lights’. It makes for a fantastic display for believers and non-believers alike. Make the most of Hanukkah by stringing up your best holiday lights in celebration.


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