We are proud of the multiple Truly Content success stories that we have to our name. And whilst we understand that prospective clients may be impressed by how we have transformed companies that have been with us for years, seeing how our services can elevate businesses in mere months may initially be most helpful.

For this reason, we have put together a blog on two of our newer clients: Top of the Rock Tuition and Villa Capri. We’ll take you through what we’ve managed to do for them, so you can see just how much we can help you too!


Let’s start with a quick look at SEO… 


What Is SEO?


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) refers to the process of encouraging a higher volume of traffic to your website whilst simultaneously ensuring the quality of these visits. 

Improving your SEO is an ‘organic’ means of increasing hits on your site, as opposed to using ‘inorganic’ methods, such as paid ads.

An organic strategy has several benefits. Firstly, and perhaps most obviously, it means that you are not paying for advertising. Secondly, creating a website that invites traffic organically pays dividends over time, as people will always be searching for the products and services that you provide.

Using advertising and social media are great ways to attract prospective clients; however, the majority of online traffic is driven by search engines. Whilst viewing your advert may encourage people to click through to your website, it is more likely that they will come to you if they’ve found you on Google, Bing or whichever search engine they use. 

It is important to understand that search engines want you to succeed. Directing users to the appropriate websites is what keeps people coming back to them, rather than opting for a competing search engine.


What Truly Content Can Do For You


Now that you have an idea about why SEO is important (if you didn’t already), we want to show off a couple of our recent successes.

We have chosen to go with two of our newer clients in order to illustrate how quickly our intervention can improve your SEO, and therefore bring in more clients.

When taking on any client, we will advise that it takes approximately three months for our hard work to pay off. This is how long Top of the Rock Tuition have been with us (at the time of writing), however, Villa Capri are a month short of this milestone.

We’d also like to state that both of these companies are just on our basic package, so imagine how one of our bigger packages could boost your business!


Truly Content Success Stories


Top Of The Rock Tuition


Top Of The Rock Tuition


If you are looking for drum lessons in Warwickshire, Top of the Rock Tuition is the place to go. Despite barely showing up in search engines before, with our help, they are now the number one result when searching for ‘drum lessons Warwickshire’, as well as being heavy hitters on Google Local.

The most recent video that they posted is currently at 3.2k views… a 45% increase on their viewing statistics prior to our intervention.

You can learn more about Top of the Rock on their Facebook and Instagram pages. 


Villa Capri


Villa Capri


Despite them not yet having been with us for the typically advised three month starter period, we have already dramatically improved Villa Capri’s SEO.

When googling ‘Italian restaurant in Leamington Spa’, you will find that they are the second result, with only Tripavisor appearing above them. As they’re a newcomer to Leamington, it is quite outstanding that they have beaten out every other Italian restaurant in the area – particularly one very highly regarded establishment just a brief walk away from them.

If you would like to learn more about Villa Capri, you can keep up to date with them over on their Facebook and Instagram profiles. 


Let Truly Content Boost Your Business Today!


These two examples really show off what we can do for your business in a very short period. Get in touch today to improve the visibility and web presence of your business!

Submit any questions or queries via our website. Alternatively, call us on 01926 814547 or email us at info@trulycontent.com. 


Stay tuned for more Truly Content success stories! You can also explore our services here and check out our reviews from other satisfied customers here