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Trads Cast Iron Radiators

We’ve been working with Trads and we couldn’t be happier with the results. We’ve made a couple of journeys up to the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside to do some video shoots – and learn how they make, upkeep and replace their top of the range, cast iron radiators! From the friendly team who welcomed us, to the best-in-their-field workers who make, assemble and paint the radiators, Trads is an all-around 5-star business and you can now see the fascinating process take place before your eyes!

…No, we don’t mean a warehouse visit of your own! Trads now have their very own How-To videos and professional promo video to welcome customers new and old. Whether you just want to know a bit more about who Trads are and what they do, or if you’re a customer looking for help with your product, we’ve made the video for you! Take a look at some of them here:

Video really DID kill the radio star…

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