Summer is finally here and we could not be happier about the longer days and nicer weather! However, for many businesses, summer also brings about a significant decline in new leads and sales, as the saying goes, ‘when temperatures rise, sales take a dive’. 

At Truly Content we have the expertise to ensure that the only dives you’ll be taking this summer involve swimming costumes, sunshine and good vibes! Read on for some of our summer marketing ideas.


Summer Marketing Ideas


The Power That Weather Has Over Our Mood And Behaviour


The weather has been shown to have an effect on our mood and behaviour – in turn, mood affects demand for products and services. This is something that we can help turn to your advantage.

When we create marketing content for you, we can assess what the current trends are, focus on what is popular in your business specifically, and then use this information to highlight those aspects that are working and selling best. This tailored approach to marketing means that not only do your customers get what they want, but you get what you want too. A classic win-win!


Lifted Moods And Lifted Lockdown


The arrival of summer is not the only reason to be smiling – we are also overjoyed to see restrictions lifting. It’s been a tricky year or so for everyone, and we have seen many businesses suffer as a result. Make sure your business comes out of lockdown swinging with help from Truly Content!

Lockdown has necessitated the closing of the digital divide. The digital divide refers to the sections of the population who do not have access to digital technologies, compared to those who do. This means that we are now more digitally connected than we were prior to lockdown. 

What implications does this have for you and your business? You can now reach a wider audience than you could before. Therefore, refining your digital marketing strategy can help your business prosper. 


Community Engagement 


The end of lockdown and the start of summer mean that your local communities will get back to organising public events. A perfect way to ingratiate yourself, and your company, with the community, is by sponsoring one of these events.

This results in a positive brand image and brand recognition. Furthermore, this does not just mean one single day of invaluable marketing, we can create content that advertises your support of the event both before and after it takes place. 


Summer Marketing Ideas: Socials


Facebook has more active users than any other social media platform, however, your marketing messages going out to the largest online population does not necessarily equate to your posts achieving the largest audience engagement.

Despite being a newer kid on the block, TikTok actually has more active users than Twitter, Snapchat or Reddit, the majority of these being Gen Z and Millennials. Before you decide to post content, it is important to make sure that your key demographic will be the ones to view it. 

With kids off school over the summer, TikTok will have more active users for longer periods. Find out how this could help you and your business by reading our guide to TikTok marketing.


Kids Kids Kids!


Speaking of the younger generation, school will be out from mid-July, so parents and grandparents will be looking for things to do to keep their kids and grandkids entertained. This may give your business another new key demographic to target! 

The most widely used social media platform among the over 30s is Facebook, so your company must keep promoting itself on this network. 

It’s this kind of knowledge that will allow you to boost your numbers and ensure your business makes a splash this summer. 


A Truly Successful Summer


To learn how we can help turn this into a Truly successful summer for you and your business, contact us on 01926 814 547 or at today.

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