We’re racing towards the end of April and the arrival of National Tell A Story Day, a 24-hour period dedicated to the universal art of storytelling. Awareness days are a brilliant way to engage with your audience and spice up your content in general, but National Tell A Story Day, which occurs on the 27th April, is an unmissable opportunity to connect with both potential and current customers. At Truly Content, we love using storytelling in marketing and are eager to share our tips and tricks on how to craft a story in a business environment. 


Why Do You Need Storytelling In Marketing?


Storytelling is inescapable. The human brain orders the overwhelming stimuli it experiences by concocting narratives out of even the most mundane of events – your day at work, a conversation with a friend, what you’re making for dinner.

The storytelling instinct affects every mode of communication, making storytelling in marketing almost inevitable.

The only question is whether it tells a dull story, or a fascinating one. 


Vary your social media posts this Tell A Story Day by, well, telling a story! But you don’t have to stretch your imagination by creating some fantasy flash fiction. Try telling your followers about your favourite book, film or folktale, to let them know that you are human and your world is made up of more than your products, services and statistics. You could even share funny behind-the-scenes anecdotes from your business. Storytelling in marketing can be about the little things, occasional posts that show you are made up of more than just algorithms.


The Nuts And Bolts Of Storytelling In Marketing


Generally speaking, you can construct a story out of a central character, a goal, an opposition and a resolution. The character strives towards a goal and has to overcome obstacles in order to achieve their aim. Writers complicate matters by adding multiple main characters, themes, and twists and turns, but those are optional elements. The most common marketing method is to make the customer the main character in pursuit of a resolution to their problems. After navigating a maze of unhelpful or obscure products, you swoop in with the perfect answer and the customer achieves a happily-ever-after ending. 


Alternatively, you can put yourself forward as the protagonist. Tell the story of how you pursued your business aims, encountered trouble on every side, used your initiative to overcome the issue and ended up where you are today. Mentioning what unexpected thing you either learned or gained along the way gives your story more substance and is a technique employed by professional writers for a more satisfying ending.


The Great Storytelling In Marketing Competition


Here at Truly Content, we are celebrating this great day by launching a storytelling in marketing competition! From the 27th April through to the 13th May we are asking local businesses to entertain us with their story by leaving a comment on our social media posts. We will draw up a list of the best comments and feature the overall winner and their services in a special carousel post on our social media platforms. This is your opportunity to try your hand at storytelling in marketing as well as showcase your services to our 6000+ followers!


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