Exhibition Stands Design

Introducing Sonihull Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling! They use advanced ultrasonic antifouling technology to mitigate issues associated with marine fouling, preventing the attachment of barnacles and algae on boat hulls, and we’ve been working with them!
As you can imagine, their services are incredibly helpful in a number of countries, which means they often attend exhibitions around the world. If you’ve ever been to an event like this, you’ll know that there’s nothing more important than your stand. It’s what attracts clients and shows off your business.
Fortunately, we’re no strangers to exhibition stands at Truly and know exactly how to tailor them to your needs. Here’s a picture of what our Head of Design, Dave, created for Sonihull.
Take a look

Real Exhibition Stand

It was amazing to see these stands for Sonihull in action!
There’s nothing we love more than knowing our clients are happy with the work we’ve created for them and, as you can see, this stand definitely attracted visitors! ✔️
Whether you need an exhibition stand, brochures, a new website or anything else, it’s highly likely that our team of experts will be able to make it happen.


Eve from Sonihull had some wonderful things to say about various members of our team and we’re so pleased that we’ve been able to deliver such brilliant work for them.
You can always trust Truly to get on the same page as you! ⭐

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