Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Your business: it all started with a great idea, that’s gone on to become an even better product or service.

You can’t wait to create some promotional material. Fast. You want to tell the world about how great you are; get the word out there on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. These are the things you know you need to be doing but do you have the time to make sure it’s done in the most effective way?

Did your best ever business idea come to fruition on an impulse? Or did it evolve after some careful consideration about exactly who your potential clients may be, where you might most effectively direct your resources to target them, and how you might measure the efficiency of the strategies you are employing? If you’re going to spend some money on marketing promotions to ensure your success, you definitely want and need to be spending it wisely.


of potential clients will buy a product through social media

Truly Content: Social Media Experts

You’re brilliant in your field, but you may not have up to the minute knowledge of the array of social media platforms available to your target market and potential clients, or how best to use them to your advantage. Fortunately for you, this is what we do; it’s in our DNA. This is our field.

Social media is the fastest growing marketing medium out there, and in order to stay ahead you need to make it work for you. It’s the medium that many people use to share recommendations about products and services that they’ve enjoyed. You can’t afford to ignore it. No business can.

92% of people trust recommendations from people they know. Getting a ‘like’ or a ‘comment’ is seriously influential in your marketplace. When all your competitors are doing it… we’re the ones to ensure that you’re doing it better!

Creating Social Media Content

We will create fresh, topical content which attracts attention from the right audience, encourages interaction and raises your profile. You need us to find out what your target audience feels or thinks about you and your product or service. Then we can work out how to get that audience talking about you, using a variety of content such as written copy, images and video. The bonus is that the tools we use to ‘listen’ to your potential customers and devise a strategy that are unique to you, are the exact same tools that will help us to measure the effectiveness of the campaign.

We are the best at targeting the right demographic for your business, and ensuring we bring the right people to you.


Social Media Packages

We offer a range of social media packages, but every business is different, so please get in touch with us for a bespoke quotation.

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