This time it’s Sailing-In-Style Greece ‘s turn! ⛵
What did we do for them? Well, in short, we reimagined their entire look. We were asked to create a distinctive logo and a handwritten font and we certainly delivered.
Our team presented the client with multiple possible logo designs and this was the one he chose! It combines a swirling script, which is evocative of waves, with a simple boat illustration. The rolling waves beneath the boat mirror flourishes of the font, bringing the design together. 🌊
This logo isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, it’s one that we’re sure people will remember.


Sailing in Style’s goal is to plan and organise bespoke sailing experiences around Greece’s azure blue waters and our goal was to create a website that showcases the possibilities that await anyone who signs up for one of these truly incredible holidays. 🇬🇷
With that in mind, we created a site that’s stylish and well-organised, much like Sailing in Style’s voyages. It reflects the intimate nature of this fully personalised service, which can also include excursions such as hiking, horse riding and culinary tours – it’s not all about sailing! 🐎 🍽️
One of our favourite features is the ‘Let’s Get to Know You’ section, which allows visitors to shape their ideal sailing experience interactively. It ensures the experience is tailored to each group, creating a once-in-a-lifetime trip!
Check out the site


Branding definitely doesn’t start and end with socials and websites, print materials are important too… even if you can download them from a website!
For our last post on Sailing in Style, we’re going to take a look at their brochure, which needed to flow just as seamlessly as their website. We utilised warm tones and postcard-style visuals to highlight the ‘wish you were here’ vibe that holidays by the sea are famous for. ⛵
We used full-page photography to celebrate the stunning scenery Greece has to offer, showing potential customers just what they could experience when they choose Sailing in Style. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the ‘swoosh’ element, which has been integrated across several pages. Does it remind you of anything? Perhaps the waves from Sailing in Style’s logo? 🌊
If you’re looking to create a sense of cohesion across your marketing materials, Truly’s got you covered. From websites to logos and everything in between, our team will use their skills to pay close attention to your needs.

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