Are you looking for more control over how consumers think of your business? Or how much it is thought of at all? If so, you need to enlist Truly’s public relations (PR) services. We can get your company seen by creating positive press pieces that reflect your brand.

About PR

Public relations describes how you strategically choose the information that you share with consumers to ensure you’re getting the right message across about your business. It can also help to spread your message and introduce you to new potential customers.

Let’s have a look at an example of how it can help a business.

Are you one of the millions of people who have watched the documentary ‘Super Size Me’? If not, this was a 2004 documentary in which Morgan Spurlock wanted to show how eating McDonald’s impacts your health. After a month of nothing but this fast food his doctor advised him to stop due to multiple signs of poor health including liver problems, mood swings and considerable weight gain.

The impact of the documentary shook McDonald’s, with profits plunging to their worst levels since first opening. Pre-tax profits tumbled by nearly three-quarters in the UK within a year, falling to £23.6m from £83.8m! Whilst the experiment should never be described as ‘scientific’ (extraneous variables, no ecological validity, poor data recording etc), Spurlock’s ‘findings’ were astoundingly damaging for the company.

How is McDonald’s still one of the most popular and successful fast-food companies in the world? Because their PR turned everything around for them.

They got rid of super-sized meals, introduced healthy options, ran campaigns promoting exercise and even directly responded with their own ad stating:

‘What we do agree with is its core argument – that if you eat too much and do too little, it’s bad for you. What we don’t agree with is the idea that eating at McDonald’s is bad for you.’

The result? Consumers came back in their thousands and McDonald’s has continued to excel, with share prices increasing by 1400% by 2019!

That’s the power of PR.

Why Is PR Important?

Improves Credibility – Having your brand’s name shared by other respected media outlets can do wonders to make you look trustworthy and credible.

Increases Online Presence – Your public relations and marketing department should be working hand in hand to make sure that everything that you’re putting out there has the largest/most well-targeted reach possible.

Tells Your Story – What makes your business stand out? Why not share your back story and let consumers get to know you? This kind of personal, open approach is incredibly appealing.

Shows Your Values – 64% of people state that they would buy from or boycott a brand based solely on its standing on social or political issues. Make sure you’re showing that your values align with those of your target market.

Crisis Management – Hopefully, this will not be necessary for your business, but as you’ve seen from the ‘Super Size Me’ example, if this does happen, a quick, effective PR blitz can reverse a lot of damage.

Encourages Repeat Customers – All of the above helps to retain your customers, and we all know that it costs less to bring an existing customer back than it is to find a new one.

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Let’s Get Your Public Relations In Order!

To read more about our PR services please click here. Or if you’re ready to get your business performing at its best now, simply get in touch on 01926 814547!

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