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Springtime Photography Ideas

Springtime Photography Ideas

The 20th of March brings the spring equinox (the first day of spring) and after what has felt like a very long winter, we’re so here for it. Our in-house photography and videography teams are buzzing because the longer days mean more shooting time, better lighting and the earth waking up as a backdrop. Ideal. Feeling shutter happy yourself? Then why not try out some of these springtime photography ideas from the Truly Content team?

Our Photography Ideas

There are so many things you can do at this time of year, so here are a handful of ideas and a couple of tips:

Get Outside!
Make the most of what’s going on in the natural world! Get outside and visit parks, community gardens, forests, basically wherever you can get up close and personal with the awakening flora. As well as making for great imagery, this makes for a great day out with friends/family.

Look For Wildlife
Hibernation is over and new babies are being born! You can get some beautiful images of local wildlife with just a walk around your local area. However, you do need to make sure that you’re not disrupting any of the animals that you spot, this can be damaging for them and can also put you at risk.

Start Early
The first hour after sunrise (and the last hour before sunset) is known as the golden hour. Get yourself out of bed nice and early and have your camera ready! It’s not just about the amazing lighting, in spring the crisp mornings add to the beautiful backdrop. Wrap up warm and capture the fresh morning dew on film! This is definitely one of our favourite photography ideas.

Fresh dew, flowers and insects – make them your study with close-ups. The colours and textures you’ll find when getting up close will give you a brand new perspective. You’re going to want to use a wider aperture and lower f-number. You explore the same subject at different distances – reverse the aperture and f-number for landscape/full field shots.

Find the Fog
Let nature create an exciting atmosphere for your shots. The mystery and calming atmosphere that fog creates give an interesting feel to your photography/videography.

Springtime brings with it the vibrancy of fresh harvests, visit a local farm (always ask permission first) or get out to a market to find interesting, colourful and fresh subjects.

Be Prepared
As well as photography ideas we thought we’d give you one very sound piece of advice, be prepared! Whilst the weather is getting better you should also expect cold and wet days, don’t get stuck out in the cold, take extra clothing and something waterproof. It’s also a good idea to take a nice warm drink to enjoy when you’re ready for a break.

Polarising Filters
Using a polarising filter prevents unwanted glare and reflections. They can increase contrast and saturation. Using them is a great way to make the most of the vibrancy of springtime!

Create Fresh Content With These Photography Ideas

Now that you’ve got some ideas, you’re ready to get out there with your camera! However, we do understand that investing in the quality equipment you need to turn these ideas into usable content is really expensive, plus, many of us do not have the knowledge and experience to execute these ideas to the high standard required.

Not to worry! If you need a hand bringing your springtime photography ideas to life, we have a dedicated, in-house team who can do just that! Whatever content you are looking for, we can create! Get in touch on 01926 814547 today!

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