So you’ve worked hard to gather some fans on Facebook, you’re posting content on a regular basis and engaging with your audience. Though perhaps you aren’t seeing the results that you’re expecting? With posts on your page, you’re only reaching your current audience. Here’s where we can help – with a social ad campaign.


Helping You To Widen Your Reach


By using Truly Content’s paid Facebook ad service,

you can target your existing followers to keep them involved in your journey and reach new ones with pinpoint accuracy.

Depending on the outcome you want for your ad, choose from pay per click (PPC), cost per video view or cost per impression. Or you could run multiple ads to see which one performs better. You can mix-up the media too, choosing from a range of photo-based ads or video ads. We’ll work with you to choose the best ads for your product or service. 


Why Choose Us For Your Social Ad Campaign?


When you choose Truly, you’re selecting a company with a wealth of experience in all things social media. We’ve run countless successful campaigns for a huge variety of different businesses. We’ll also show you exactly how well your ad is doing by sending you reports detailing the amount of leads, cost per lead, reach and really any metric you could possibly want!

When running a social ad campaign, you want it to be as eye-catching as possible, this means high quality, interesting images and/or videos and we’ve got you covered. We have a fantastically talented design team and they’re all in-house. This means a rapid turn around, easy editing and no extra outsourcing costs.

If you’re an existing client of ours, then we really do value you. If you’ve yet to work with us and you’re looking to start a brand new social ad campaign, we can certainly help! We’re offering offers for both our new and existing clients.


Social Ad Campaign For You, Our Existing Client


If you’re an existing client of ours, when you take out a 1 month social ad campaign, you’ll get over £50 off your ad management fee. That means it’ll be £399 instead of £450!


New Client Social Ad Campaign


So, you’re new to Truly and you’re ready to take the first step on your social ad campaign journey. Or maybe you feel that our team will meet your needs better than the agency you’re currently using? Either way, we’re looking forward to building a long-lasting relationship. As a new client, when you take out a 12 month social ad retainer you’ll get one month of ad management for free! If you pay upfront, we’ll make that discount even better and give you three months of ad management for free! 


Get In Touch


All you need to do now is fill out a contact form or drop us a line on 01926 814 547 to find out more and to get your social ad campaign alive and kicking! Or if you’d prefer, you can also email us at


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