Social media has grown dramatically in the recent past, and is now a very well used and sought after digital marketing tool. In comparison to its humble and small beginnings with MySpace and Bebo, social media has since grown in prominence with the arrival of today’s giants: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+.

As the majority of businesses now use social media as a means to get their marketing content to the masses, this means that if you don’t want to get ignored or missed, your content needs to stand out in a big way. It’s important that when you send a post or ad out into the digital world that it is unique, engaging, offers value to your customers, and is consistent with the tone of your brand.

Some businesses think that as long as they’re publishing something regularly, then that’s what really matters. However, using social media requires a bit more thought when you’re up against hundreds, if not thousands of competitors who are trying to sell the same story to your target demographic. Here are some different and unique ways you can interact with your market without getting lost in the void:

Be human

Whilst corporate businesses are often seen as professional, serious and to the point, it can be profitable to show off your brand personality. Consumers don’t want to deal with monotonous robots; they strive for real interactions with real people!

When you tweet or post, you should try to be as human as possible to develop real connection with your audience. This can be done by engaging with comments individually – asking questions, tagging users, or asking for their ideas. You could even stream a live video from in the office to show your employees having some fun with work to show that you’re all human too! Some companies use social media platforms to respond to customers in a light-hearted manner, which develops your brands personality and likability. For example, 02’s response to a young man who complained about his ‘246’ texts not being sent can be seen below:

Customers like to see companies having fun and although this issue would have been annoying for the consumer and it can be scary to stray away from marketing in a professional and lenient manner, showing off a bit of personality can go a long way and turn situations lighthearted.

Run a live Q&A

Your customers have a lot of unanswered questions that, if they don’t pick up the phone, they often don’t get the chance to ask. Running a live or arranged Q&A on social media gives your customers time to ask the little questions that may otherwise take days to get an answer to. By doing so, you can inform your customers about your products, service and your values. During the Q&A, you’ll be able to answer questions in a informal and personal way, which will help develop your brand’s personality and favorability. You only have to do this once or twice a month, but it will make it clear to your audience that you’re taking the time to consider their needs and concerns.

Promote a good cause

It’s often overstated, but supporting a good cause is a quality way to increase your consumer relationships and improve your brand image. If you support a cause such as a charity or foundation, it would be appropriate to support one that has heavy ties or appeal within your industry, or one that is local to your business. Supporting local charities will increase a sense of community and trust with your local customers – the same applies to charities that are relevant to your industry or function. By promoting a good cause, you can publish a range of content to your social media channels to keep your followers engaged. You can get creative and design charity challenges for your cause; for example, the ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge”went viral with thousands of participants, including many celebrities.

Other simple ideas include offering donations for every like, comment or share the post gets or by donating ‘x’ amount for every new product or service purchased. This way, you can support a cause, have others brainstorm innovative ideas for your business, and generate revenue at the same time – genius!

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