Online marketing is notoriously difficult to get right, but it’s something that you simply have to consider when starting a new business or if you’re looking to take your existing business to the next level. The success of a modern business can really rely on your social media presence, but with so many other aspects of business to consider, too many of us are guilty of forgetting or overlooking social media marketing.

In all honesty, we don’t blame you if you’re one of these culprits, as managing your social platforms can be tricky and time-consuming. For any businessman or woman, time is a precious commodity that needs to be spent wisely, but investing in your online marketing strategy could well be the best possible use of your time. But how do you know where to find your audience? And what does your audience want to see?

Understanding Social Media

If we look at the 3 powerhouse social platforms – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – there are major differences that you need to play towards. While extending your reach across all platforms can be highly beneficial, it’s not always necessary as one may be more suited to your brand than the other. Take Instagram, for example; imagery is the primary focus and the ones you choose should be of an appealing high quality with a shared aesthetic that will grab the attention of your audience.

Twitter is on the opposite end of the spectrum in that the words you choose warrant the most merit and will have the biggest impact. It’s important to develop your own voice as a brand and maintain it at all times. Facebook is entirely unique because you can use the platform and its abundance of tools to your own advantage. While it shares similarities with Instagram with an emphasis on visuals, you also have the luxury of business pages, events, videos and more right at your fingertips.

Crafting Posts

But before you go rolling out generic post after post, there’s a lot more to think about to make it worth your while. Amp up a static social post with a quick link to a useful and relevant web page, preferably one of your own. Regularly creating new online content for your website in the form of a blog or news page is another important aspect of online marketing that we highly recommend to give your social media some extra substance. It’s important that you provide relevant, enjoyable and varied information alongside high quality visuals to your audience rather than simply rallying off information about your brand, products or services. Granted, there is clearly a lot to consider and it can be hard to wrap your head around, which is where we come in.

Truly Content Can Help

Our expert team here at Truly Content take the time to really understand your brand and your audience before developing a meticulous, bespoke marketing strategy and implementing it on your behalf. We take care of every single detail that comes with online marketing so that you don’t have to. You’ll have the freedom to use this extra time on your hands to focus on other areas of your business while we utilise our expertise to drive traffic to your brand and, ultimately, drive those all important sales. We can, and do, turn our hands to absolutely any industry, and there’s no doubt about it, we’ll make you shine! Get in touch today to find out more.