Staying up-to-date with new social media isn’t always easy but that’s why the Truly team is here to make it all a bit easier. That means it’s time for you to grab a cuppa (we’ll leave the contents up to you) before we get into the changes that have been happening recently!

Does X Count As A New Social Media Channel?

Our team doesn’t seem to think so but we wanted to discuss the elephant in the room – X. Whether or not you’re choosing to call it X or Twitter, it’s gearing up to unveil a groundbreaking feature, letting users sort posts by recentness, likes and engagement. Complementing this is the ‘Highlights’ tab, revealing deeper insights into user preferences, which is welcome news to many.

Available to Blue subscribers, users can add a tweet and it will join the ranks of other highlighted tweets in the feed. This feed becomes visible on your profile once your initial Highlight is added. This feature presents an excellent opportunity to display prime content as an illustration of your finest work. This could be particularly effective in attracting potential subscribers or simply demonstrating your expertise on this not-so-new social media platform.

What’s Happening On Instagram?

Diving into Instagram, there’s a fresh twist in its search options. Google’s generative AI search enhances user experience and, once you’re logged in, the enhanced generative AI-powered search experience will streamline your future searches. This is especially handy when you’re looking to grasp an intricate subject or explore a variety of products when shopping.

Instagram has also continued to explore collaborative posting, allowing users to contribute to others’ posts with the creator’s approval. This new social media feature opens doors to engaging content collaborations and enhanced user experiences. We don’t think it sounds too dissimilar to the collaborative processes that take place between our design, digital and content departments!

While we’re on the topic of Instagram, it’s definitely worth mentioning Threads. Its engagement journey hasn’t been a straight line. After reaching a peak of 120 million sign-ups, Threads has experienced a dip of around 90%, which is as considerable as it sounds. However, the team is determined to rejuvenate growth through innovative features – we’ll be keeping a close eye on that!

The Latest From TikTok

TikTok is redefining its user privacy under the EU Digital Services Act. Soon, EU users can opt out of personalisation in the ‘For You’ and ‘LIVE’ recommendation feeds. Additionally, TikTok is ensuring safety for younger users under 16 by making their accounts private by default, which is a new social media change that people have been actively campaigning for.

Speaking of TikTok, they are unleashing a new logistic programme within the UK, designed to streamline brand sales on the platform. This programme, known as ‘Fulfilled by TikTok’,  takes care of storing and shipping products for brands, easing their sales process. It will feature the automated fulfilment of orders placed by 7pm from Monday-Saturday and a premium delivery service will ensure next-working-day delivery.

That’s It For New Social Media Changes!

And there you have it – a snapshot of the evolving landscape of new social media. Remember, knowledge is power, and staying informed is what keeps you ahead of the game. If you need some help with your socials, feel free to get in touch with our experts on 01926 814547 today.

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