As a society, we’ve made huge strides forward in terms of how we understand and treat mental health. Unfortunately, whilst this progress is fantastic, we’re still not rid of the stigma surrounding the issue. Those struggling often find themselves isolated and without adequate resources. It impacts every aspect of their lives, their careers being sometimes one of the most difficult areas to manage. Here at Truly we take this seriously and work to help any of our team who may be having a hard time with their mental health at work and at home.

Before we get to chatting more about ourselves, we thought we’d mention a few things that are happening this month that have been organised to highlight the importance of mental health at work and at home.

Suicide Prevention Day (10th September)

Suicide is preventable. But lowering the current statistics is going to take a lot of work from a lot of people. The National Suicide Prevention Alliance is a whole team of charities that work together to:

  • Reduce Stigma
  • Encourage Help-seeking
  • Provide the Appropriate Support
  • Reduce Access to Means (to take your own life)
  • Reduce the Impact of Suicide (by providing support to those affected)
  • Improve Data and Evidence
  • Involve More Charities

Find out how you can help here, or if you are having a hard time yourself, remember you can always call Samaritans. Loads of people think that you need to be right on the brink to give them a call, but that’s not true, anyone who needs a bit of a hand and a chat can get in touch.

International Week Of Happiness At Work (19th – 25th September)

Mental health at work is so important as we spend a whole heap of our time there.

Having a positive work environment isn’t just good for the individual, it’s also good for the company

as happy employees are more productive, flexible, resilient, creative and work better with their colleagues.

We’re also all pretty close here at Truly so if one of us isn’t having a good time everyone feels it.

This is what International Week of Happiness At Work is all about. Ensuring that once you step into that office/classroom/don those overalls you don’t forget to look after yourself, and know the people around you also have your back. Learn more about it here.

Mental Health At Work – How Do We Support Our Team?

So, what do we do here at Truly to support positive mental health at work…?

Monthly 1-2-1s

We know that most companies do these, but sometimes they can be skirted over/dismissed as unimportant. We’re not about that. They’re not just about work performance, they’re about checking in properly with everyone and giving them a chance to raise anything stressing them out.


On Wednesdays, we have a ‘bootcamp’. We get a personal trainer to come in after work to do an hour exercise class with any of the team who fancy it. Obvs it’s not up everyone’s street though *cough* content team *cough*. It’s a great bonding opportunity and you get those endorphins coming through. Plus, sometimes the trainer, Jamie, brings his dog along.

Working From Home

Like the majority of companies, we were WFH throughout the pandemic, but a number of our team found it helpful so we decided they could carry on doing that two days a week if they fancy.

Learn More About Us

If you want to learn more about our company and how we work to look after our teams’ mental health in the workplace, have a look at our social media (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook) or website.

Finally, if you’re looking for a few tips for yourself/to introduce to your business, have a look through this article.

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