Get Your Book Written With A Ghostwriter

Got a fantastic book inside your head but struggling to get it onto the page? Then find your ghostwriter at Truly Content!

What Is A Ghostwriter?

It’s a kind of friendly spirit who visits you when they can sense that you’ve got an amazing idea for a book but just can’t seem to get it written. Ok, so that was an obvious lie, but they can seem magical!

Their job is to take your ideas and turn them into something tangible.

Why Do You Need A Ghostwriter?

Getting us to write your book is a great idea for a number of reasons, such as:

It Saves You Time

Writing a book is hugely time-consuming! Most of us simply do not have the chance to get it done with everything else that we have going on in our busy lives. If you hand it all over to us, you’ll get a fantastic finished product without having to sacrifice your own work/leisure/family time.


How do we know that you’ll get a fantastic finished product? Well, because our writers are highly qualified and well-experienced. Writing a book can be a very daunting thing for most people but, fortunately, when you have a team that spends all of their workdays writing for other people, they really know what they’re doing.


The job of our writers is (obviously) to write! That means they’re dedicating all of their time to this pursuit. So, when they’re given a task, they really get into it. Part of this is making sure that everything they put down on paper is as well-informed and up-to-date as it possibly can be. We’re not kidding, our team have been known to learn everything there is to know about some obscure topic just for a 200-word mention, so they’re a dedicated bunch.

Appeal To Your Audience

With all the experience that a Truly ghostwriter has, they have learned to appeal to any audience. It doesn’t matter what factors you want to consider, they’ll make it work. You can give them some pointers to follow or just leave them to research you and your style and let them present you with your new creation.

Save Money

No, really! What is your time worth? Seriously, give it a monetary value. Now have a think about how much time it will take you to get your book written. Does that calculation work out? You see? It’s pretty unlikely that, even if you can make time for the writing, it’ll be the most cost-effective way to do things. Appreciate your value and don’t lose out!

Our Last Project

We thought we’d give our most recent project a quick shout-out!

We’ve worked with Dr Jan C. Wulff for years, but last year he took a further step and published a book. The ghostwriter really enjoyed this work and it has performed exceptionally well. In fact, it has ended up on three best-seller lists:

  • #1 in Self-Help for Success
  • #1 in Advice & Self-Help
  • #1 in Self-Help for Stress Management

We couldn’t be more proud and our client couldn’t be more delighted. That’s what you can expect when you enlist our services.

Of course, if you don’t want it to be known that you’ve used a ghostwriter, we’ll keep it under wraps for you.

Let’s Get Your Book Written!

Ready to get going? Then just give us a shout on 01926 814547 or fill out this contact form.

Remember, it’s not just books that we write, we can provide any copy that you need. If you’re after other white label services then head to this page.