Congratulations, you’ve started a business! Now you need to think about marketing, and what mistakes to avoid. It can make or break a business and making sure you’re getting it right can be overwhelming but we have a few pearls of wisdom to offer you. 

Marketing serves many different purposes, from building your relationship with your customers to boosting sales, so selling your business is incredibly important at every stage of your business’s journey. 


Marketing Mistakes To Avoid


Avoid Marketing Mistakes By Knowing Your Audience 


It might seem obvious but you need to know your audience. You’ve tailored your business to them but now you need to do the same for your marketing strategies. Customer personas can be a really useful tool for talking about your customers in a broad sense. Think about your main demographic – what do you know about them? If you’re at a bit of a loss, there are several guides online to help you determine what you need to know. If you already have social media platforms, monitoring your engagement (likes, shares and comments) can be the easiest way to see who is already interested in your business. 


Failing To Use Social Media Effectively


Speaking of social media, it might seem simple but using it to its full potential is easier said than done.

There are around 4.33 billion social media users, that’s about 55% of the world’s population and different age groups use different platforms.

It doesn’t have to be as stressful as it sounds, choosing and maintaining a few social media platforms is the key to keeping your customer base engaged and using the correct platforms helps you to stay relevant.

Don’t forget, it’s called social media for a reason – the clue is in the name! Talking to your customers and fostering conversations with them is important. It reminds them that there are faces behind a brand, so if you can answer a question – go for it! Helping your customers on social media can help build their relationship with your business.


Skipping The Blog


You may have noticed that we talk about blog writing a lot at Truly Content but we really do love them! They’re not just for individuals anymore, it’s not 2010 after all. Blogs are more useful than you might think – they increase your brand’s visibility and by increasing SEO (search engine optimisation). Someone might pop onto Google and ask a question, leading them to your blog and your business in turn! 

Blogs also make your business a bit more personal by showing your audience that you really know your stuff, which of course, you do – you’re an industry professional! Using a blog to answer frequently asked questions (which you can monitor using your social media platforms – see, everything is important!) and sharing your wisdom is a great way to start. Blogs can be used to discuss business updates that might make for long social media posts too if you want to go into more detail. They can really be used for just about anything but you need to set one up first!


Feeling Overwhelmed?


We get it, we’ve been there. If you want to get started on social media, snazz up your existing presence or want to add a blog to your website but still aren’t sure where to start, the team at Truly Content have got you covered. 

We have the skills to help your business grow and thrive whilst maintaining your business’s image and tone of voice. To find out more about how we can help,  get in touch with us today on 01926 814 547. Alternatively, email us at