Branding and logos are important, they’re what people think of when your brand comes to mind.
For Kingsway Estate Agents, we emulated just what the client wanted – a heritage style that exudes trust and professionalism, whilst remaining clean and modern. Our team combined these elements to create something that felt established and trustworthy but with a modern twist.
The design team collaborated to work on logo ideas, they looked at ways of incorporating a K, with houses and a crown. We sent 4 favourites to the client, alongside different font selections, some clean and modern, some more traditional-looking fonts to see what they preferred.
The client’s chosen logo combines a K with a crown with a cleverly incorporated house. We wanted to create a recognisable icon that works alongside the logo wordmark or as a standalone icon and that’s exactly what we did.


What’s better than a brand new website? A brand new bespoke website, of course!
That’s just what we created for Kingsway Estate Agents! Any new business needs to have a website to solidify their status and showcase their offerings, and it’s even more important for businesses that rely on their sites to showcase their products. 🏡
In this case, Kingsway’s properties pull through an API (application processing interface) on an XML feed (stick with us) that appears on the website as a detailed list of properties that highlights their best features and everything someone would need to know about a property before seeing it in person.
To make things easier for their clients, their search options are easy to use because there’s nothing worse than having to reset your search criteria every time you make a small change. Kingsway’s search automatically changes and updates what you’re looking for. It’s the little things!
One more thing you might not know about, cron jobs. This is a standard method of scheduling tasks to run on your server. What does it have to do with this client? Well, there’s nothing worse than looking for a new home to buy or rent to find it’s no longer available because a website hasn’t been updated. That’s unlikely to happen for Kingsway Estate Agents’ clients because our servers pull through new information every 30 minutes.
Together, seemingly small things make a big difference, especially when it comes to your business.
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Branded Assets

We wanted to show you how we achieved a consistent look across their new website and assets. From social media templates to business cards, we wanted everything to be cohesive and flow effortlessly.
To achieve this, once their logo was finalised, we put together a set of brand guidelines to highlight how the logo should be used, as well as the brand colours and fonts.
We then designed a ‘For Sale’ board – something that every estate agent needs to help them stand out and these boards can now be seen throughout Leamington, Kenilworth and Warwick! 📍

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