It can be difficult to keep up with the ever-changing algorithms of Instagram. Instagram, as you’re probably already aware, plays a significant role as part of growing your business and the awareness that surrounds it. As well as other social media platforms within the tight-knitted network of digital marketing, such as Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is a great way to maintain engagement with current clients and establish new ones in a less formal manner in comparison to the content typically posted to your website, e-mails, newsletters and other more traditional methods of marketing.

The Power Of Using (Relevant!) Hashtags

Incorporating hashtags into your captions is a fast-track way to attracting new customers and curiosity to your brand – as long as you keep them relevant, specific and non-generic. Instagram has recently introduced the feature of being able to follow hashtags, so that by ensuring you keep your hashtags as relevant and less generic (meaning not using “spammy” hashtags such as #like4like, #instagood, #follow4follow) as possible, you will more likely to be quickly noticed, ultimately sparking interest and attracting new custom. So, whilst gimmicky hashtags make gain you a few more likes, the aim for your brand is to build recognition and engagement, using hashtags that are relevant to your business, to attract potential new clients.


    Staying Specific To Your Brand

    We recommend utilising hashtags that are specifically relevant to your brand. Have a think about what your target market may search for, encouraging them straight into the direction of your account. As an example, if you’re practicing in the medical aesthetics sector, hashtags such as #dermatologist, #lasertreatment, #cosmetictreatment, #aestheticdermatology and perhaps common issues that patient’s approach dermatologists for such as #acnetreatment, #pigmentationtreatment and #lipfillers. Also, it is absolutely crucial to hashtag your brand in every post! This will help encourage clients that have used your business to hashtag their own posts with it, so that everyone who delves into the tag itself will be faced with that all-important third party endorsement.

    How Truly Content Can Accelerate Your Social Media Presence

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