The ultimate goal of social media marketing, as with all marketing, is to generate more revenue for your brand or business. But, in such a crowded marketplace (

there were a total of 3.6 billion active social media users at the backend of last year

) how can you truly stand out from the crowd? 

The most important thing to do when it comes to social media marketing is to create engaging posts. This means putting together content that your target audience finds appealing and wants to interact with. 

Remember, social media marketing is a two-way conversation, so you need to go out of your way to create content that is fun, interesting and, yes, engaging. Modern consumers hate being given the hard sell, and there’s nothing worse than investing your time in devising content that speaks down to them, offers little value and doesn’t even give them a chance to think.  

You can find some examples of how to create engaging social media content below. 


How You Should Write Your Social Media Posts 


Style: Don’t over-complicate things. Social media users come up against reams of content daily and the prospect of having to read through chunky paragraphs of text can be off-putting. 

Keep it simple and speak to them using language that they can understand – after all, no one is going to buy something if they aren’t sure what it is. 

Social Media Marketing

Address your audience: All words are powerful, but some words are more powerful than others. Including words such as “you” and “your” in your social media posts can help to elicit an emotional response from your readers. 

This will make your content feel more personal and will suggest that you are speaking to one person, and one person only. 

Use humour: Long gone are the days of “here’s my product, now buy it”. 

Modern consumers are far more sophisticated than that, so you’ll likely have to try something more innovative to grow your brand and take hold of your customers’ hard-earned money. 

Why not lace some of your posts with humour and create content that makes them laugh instead of adopting the hard sell? This can build trust and help you to establish a solid tone of voice – two vital components of social media marketing. 


What To Include In Your Social Media Posts 


Ask questions: OK, so social media marketing can be a bit of a misnomer, especially because, as we’ve already discussed, modern consumers hate being marketed to.

A good workaround for this is to really think about the type of content you create. Instead of telling people how good your product or service is, ask them about their preferences. 

For instance, you could ask questions like “what’s your all-time favourite chocolate bar?” or “we love Scream, what’s your favourite scary movie?” 

This means your audience will be more likely to engage with your brand, and will also give you the chance to collect some information about them at the same time. Facebook and Instagram even have Polls that you can use to gather this data. 

Eye-catching imagery: Thanks to channels such as Instagram, the images that you use on social media have become vital to the success of your posts. This makes sense, particularly if your customers have been chained to their emails all day. 

Social Media Marketing

When creating imagery, you should ensure that these are branded appropriately and consist of original photos – this will give you a recognisable style. Examples of engaging images include Before & After photos, well-taken pictures of your products and colourful infographics

An incentive + a call to action (CTA): Content engagement can take many forms, including “likes”, comments and shares. Yet most people will be more inclined to participate in these forms of engagement if there is something in it for them. This can be something as simple as “share this post and tag three friends to be in with a chance of winning a free £20 gift card”. 

Not only will this result in interaction, but it can also be a great way of building your following.

Bonus tip: ask those taking part in your giveaway/competition to @ your Instagram/Facebook handles. This will make sure that you are given exposure to their followers too. 


How To Keep Your Posts Interesting And Relevant 


Tell a story: Make your product a bit-part player in a larger story. What do we mean by that? Here’s an example. If you’re selling a pair of jeans, don’t just talk about the pair of jeans. Huh? 

Instead, offer suggestions as to what other items of clothing your customers could put with these jeans to make a complete outfit. This will demonstrate your expertise in your chosen field and add value to your content. 

You could even go one step further and ask your audience what sort of clothing they’d put with your jeans. Informative content: tick. Post engagement: tick. And they said social media marketing was difficult!  

Keep on top of trends: A quick way to earn some engagement is to create some posts around an upcoming event or occasion such as Christmas, Black Friday or Easter. As these tend to occur at the same time each year, it makes sense to plan these posts in advance. 

There may also be times when you can piggyback on unexpected trends and, after making these relevant to your brand, you should use such content to engage with your audience promptly. For inspiration, check out Oreo’s legendary tweet from a few Super Bowls ago. 

Social Media Marketing

Change up your content on a regular basis: Things aren’t always as simple as adding an image to some well-written text, at least not anymore. Make sure that Stories are appearing as a regular part of your content and that some of your posts contain videos. 

Stories can allow you to showcase your products or services in a fun, exciting and GIF or sticker-filled way, whilst giving you the chance to create accompanying, engagement-focused polls. Videos, on the other hand, scream shareability and research indicates that posts that feature videos are shared 1200% more than those without. 


Social Media Marketing? You’ve Got It! 


At Truly Content, we understand that running a business is hard work and that, because of this, you might not have as much time as you’d like to focus on your social media marketing efforts. That’s where we come in. 

We specialise in all forms of content creation for every major social media platform and are ready and waiting to take your business or brand to the next level. 

To find out more, visit our website today. You can also email us at or call 01926 814 457. 




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