As we are all well aware, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp all went down recently. It wasn’t only a bad day for Facebook, though. As marketers, we had to think about our clients, their ads, their profiles and the rest. Although we knew the outage wouldn’t last forever, the concern lay in not knowing when these social media channels would be back online. It’s estimated that Facebook lost around $79m in ad revenue alone during this time.

This highlighted just how important it is for businesses to post across multiple social media channels.


Should My Business Be On Every Social Media Channel?

In short, no. It’d be unrealistic to try and market your business on every single social channel available.

The social channels you decide to use for your marketing will depend on what your product or service is. For example, if your business sells a product intended for other businesses to purchase, then using Pinterest is not going to be beneficial for your business. LinkedIn is ideal for B2B products and services!


How To Know Which Social Media Channels Are Best For Your Business

Before deciding on which channels to use, there are some factors that you need to consider in order to market your business on them.

You need to understand your audience before choosing which social channels to use. Firstly, does the channel you’re looking at relate to your own business? By this we mean: are similar businesses using it to market their products/services? Is your target audience actively interacting with content on this platform?

A good example of this would be how consumers use Twitter. For a lot of marketers, Twitter is a hard place to gain traction. You’ve probably noticed how many large businesses go ‘viral’ with thousands of retweets and likes – this is a very hard thing to do for smaller businesses/accounts.

However, once consumers have liked/retweeted something, it’s soon forgotten, so trying to gain business from there can be a huge struggle!

When figuring out which platforms work best for you, it’s important to start by understanding your audience and figuring out which social media channels they use the most!


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