Navigating the world of social media can be difficult even though it’s been in our lives for quite some time now. Ever since Tom Anderson created the first MySpace profile, most of us have been scrolling through various social media platforms without a care. However, there’s a huge difference between trawling through Instagram when you’re sitting on the sofa after work and relying on it to form an integral part of your business. Indeed, knowing what to do when you feel uninspired can be something of a minefield, but there’s no need to fear!

There are ways you can handle social media burnout and we’re here to tell you all about them.

So take a much-needed break from the world around you, and read on below.


Stop Comparing Yourself To Others!

Has anyone ever told you that comparison is the thief of joy? There’s nothing worse than scrolling through your feed and comparing yourself to others. You’ll always wonder why that business in the same area as you has more followers, or why the owner of that business always has more comments on their posts. All you can do is be safe in the knowledge that you provide the best service possible and you’re not only true to your brand, but yourself too.

If you can’t shake the feeling that your peers are doing a better job than you, there are things you can do. Rebranding is a way to inject some energy back into your business. In one of our recent blog posts, we discussed the ways in which you can reinvigorate your business without changing it too much. Remember, you don’t need to make enormous alterations in order to see positive changes and the same can be said of your relationship with social media.


If Social Media Burnout Gets Too Much, Take A Break

Feeling uninspired is a classic sign of social media burnout. Not knowing what to post next for love nor money means it might just be the perfect time to take a break. Detaching yourself from your socials can be difficult but stepping away doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, many claim it’s one of the most effective ways to deal with social media burnout. A break gives you the chance to relax and gain some perspective, so that when you return, you have a much better understanding of where you stand and what you want to do.

Sign off for a few days, schedule some posts ahead of time and do something that doesn’t involve your phone or laptop. You could read that book everyone’s been going on about, catch up with the show you’ve not watched in weeks or meet up with a friend. If you’re not already doing so, take the weekend off! Whatever platforms you’re on will still be there on Monday, trust us. Do you know who else will be there on Monday? Truly Content!

Get A Digital Marketing Company To Lend A Helping Hand

If you think it’s all getting a bit much and you could do with spending more time on other areas of your business, that’s where we come in. At Truly Content, we provide a social media management service that will ensure you’re getting the most out of your platforms. We also love nothing more than creating fresh, quality content. It’s one of the things we do best and we’d be more than happy to help cure your burnout.

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