Since the dawn of marketing, content creation has always been a partnership between carefully chosen words and appealing, eye-catching imagery, and this is something that’s only become more vital as the world has migrated online.

Yet, things have started to change.

As digital marketing continues to flourish and web users begin to tire of uninspiring, clichéd sales copy, it’s entirely conceivable that the writing is all but on the wall for text-based marketing and that language will soon take a backseat to visuals across social media, websites and blogs as brands look for more exciting ways of promoting themselves to their customers.

But just why is this the case, what does the future hold and what do you need to do to stay ahead of the pack? Read on to find out more.


The power of the visual

Whilst the power of the written word can never be dismissed, it’s clear that web users aren’t all that interested in having to sift through reams of text to find what they’re looking for – no one logs onto Facebook as a means of reading Dostoyevsky, after all!

Combine written content with something more likely to hold the attention and success is virtually guaranteed.

But is this new information? Statistics have long shown that people are more likely to retain information if this is presented to them in the form of an image, with around 65% of the population describing themselves as visual learners and the same amount of people said to be able to recall the content of an informative image up to three days later.

This is something that savvier marketers and platforms seem to have picked up on and research also tells a similar story, with image-featuring Facebook posts demonstrating a 2.3% increase in engagement over those without photos and tweets with visuals receiving 150% more retweets than their blander counterparts.


Focus on your visuals

With all things considered, it’s definitely advisable to spend an equal amount of time, if not more, on putting together images, visuals or videos that complement the language you use in your campaigns and to make your marketing messages much more accessible to those you are targeting.

Yet, to stand out in a climate where brands big and small are awakening to the necessity of becoming more visually inclined, you’ll need to be doing so much more than just slapping your logo onto a stock image!

To truly impress your audience, invest in staff with an eye for design and task them with coming up with images that capture the essence of your brand. Any designer worth their salt will tell you that visual content is a perfect storm of colour, contrast, alignment, font, wording and imagery, so these are the kind of visuals you need to be centring your marketing campaigns around!

Remember to focus on making your visual style unique to your brand, ensuring that this happens by always drawing from the same colour palette and developing a format that your potential customers will find easier to recognise and associate with your business.


Moving pictures

Do you remember a time before YouTube? Us neither. In terms of what the future holds for visual content, you don’t have to look much further than video. Given its more interactive elements, this is something that has even managed to trump images when it comes to how web users like to absorb online content, with 60% of people stating that they would rather watch online videos than television and over 8 billion videos watched on Facebook alone, every single day.

Video presents businesses with a chance to connect with their customers on a deeper level, using a plethora of production techniques to push their products, clue people into the ins and outs of their brand and provide a behind-the-scenes look at what makes their company tick.

Facebook itself has even predicted that their platform will be all video and no text by 2021 – a bold estimation for sure, but one with more than a hint of possibility!


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